Hairgrowth and your Goals

my ultimate goal is hip length stretched. I'll be there in another 5 years or less if use growth aids.
I want APL unstretched.
Last Relaxer: Nov. 07
BC: May. 2010 (30 months)
Hair Type: thick 4b/4a
Current length: back at APL
Goal length: hip
Staples: natural growth aides

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my goal: bra-strap length by january [my birthday]

no heat for 6 months, ahhh!
and msm and biotin, which i need to start taking again
I want to get back to waist-length. I had waist - length hair b4 my salon mishap - if I can get back there by 2014, I'll be a happy camper.
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Somewhere within a year I'll be at my goal length of between tailbone/classic. Can't wait!
My curls were btw Shoulder and APL till August, when I got a bob cut ( i love it!). I didn't regret it at all, but now I'm letting my hair grow again. This time BSL curls. I know I can make it!

I keep track of my growth every second month in my album (signature). It's fun and I'm curious how my hair grows and I want to show other women that tight curls CAN grow long.

My rules are:
-don't wash hair too often
-don't trim if it's not needed (I don't really have split ends or breakage ,so there's no need for me to trim)


I'm transitioning from a perm so my inital goal was to grow at least 4-5 inches of natural hair before BC in April 2010, but it looks like I might have 'scab hair' so my new goal is to grow my hair at least 6 1/2 inches to compensate for the 'scab hair' growth. So far this month I started taking a womens multi vitamin, biotin and MSM.... wish me luck!
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Mini Chop: January 16 2010
BC: April 4 2010
Transitioned for 1yr 9days!
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I am trying to grow my hair to BSL. Taking Biotin and Multivitamins. I wish us all luck!
my goal is shoulder length or apl. maybe by next year?
last relaxer dec. 2007
BC dec 29, 2008
4 years natural!
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I've reached solid waist by now, hip when stretched, the former was the goal I posted here before; which I change now to tailbone.

I reached my goal this summer.
Just below bsl curled and much longer wet.
I like that it's evenly thick all the way down not just a few strands of longer hair.
Going to keep it about where it is now.
I think I'm too old to have it any longer.....
3a Long (waist) thick med course dry thirsty
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Condish: GVP CB
LI: KBB nectar
Styler: CK CIAB
DT: Curl Junkie
Diffuse 70% dry
Location: Pompano Bch Florida
To be honest, I'm not sure. When my hair was five inches long, I wanted it to be about shoulder length. When it was shoulder length, I wanted it to be longer. So, I would like to reach my hair length potential--whatever that is!
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
CoWash: various
DT: various

CR L/I Collection, various

Stylers:MC Leave-in, Gorilla Snot

Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
*experimenting and loving it!
I used to have kind of long hair, but I had about 5 or 6" cut off and I hate it. I'm trying to grow my hair this length:

Right now it's about an inch above my shoulders and SO curly since it's really short. I want it to grow and for the curls to be a little looser.

Thick 3B
midback lenghth...I want the front to be able to cover my boobs its like 2 inches from there...maybe 3. Now that I've said inches that doesn't seem long enough...maybe passed boobies but not waist. is that still mid back?
I reached my goal this summer.
Just below bsl curled and much longer wet.
I like that it's evenly thick all the way down not just a few strands of longer hair.
Going to keep it about where it is now.
I think I'm too old to have it any longer.....
Originally Posted by IamDonna
I just saw a photo of Sydney Poitier with all her hair in that movie "Death Proof" and I'd like hair her length but by the time I get there I think I'd be too old for it too. I'm mid 30s now and if I'm lucky enough to get 5-6" a year I'll be 40 by then!

But really, right now I like it where it is. It's almost chin length with shrinkage and just above my shoulder when wet. I get almost 50% shrink when completely curled in ringlets which is how I like to wear it.
All Natural Since July 2009
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Type: 4a canopy, 3c mid, 3b nape, semi porous, ii
Current Favorite: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Trying: Castor Oil
I just flat ironed my hair for the first time in 5 months, just to see what was what, and not only is it thickening back up, it's back to tailbone length! But that's when it's straight, my hair shrinks to about BSL when curly. So my goal is waist length curly.
My hair is:

- 3b/3c/probably some 4a up in there too.
- natural since birth
- almost hip length when flat ironed, BSL when curly.
- a great lover of water. lol

I am a product junkie and I'm not going to rehab!
Mid-back length. I might not make it though. Depends on how much it pulls the wave out.
Right now the longest point is a inch or two past my shoulders and the shortest point is at about chin length. It's a u-shaped cut.

After I reach that I want to cut it in an inverted bob about this length.
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My hair is a bit further than shoulder length. My current goal is bsl, but I hope to get somewhere between that and mid back if it gets a bit more wavy and loose, you know?
curly hair and proud (:

I'm aiming for waist length but I have aprx. 50% shrinkage so I have no idea how this will happen or what it'll look like. At any rate, I'm years away. I'm currently only @ bottom-of-neck length, stretched.

This woman is my hair idol.

Every time I hear the scissors calling me, I'll watch this clip ~

I also have no idea what my terminal length is since I've never gone long without cutting or damaging it w/chemicals, heat etc.

This is totally uncharted territory for me.
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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This is the longest my hair has EVER been. I am on a quest to see how long I can grow it. It is BSL dry and waist when wet. I grew this from a pixie.
Hilo, Hawaii
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Condish-Leave in-KCNT,Moisture Maniac
Styling-re:coil, KCCC, BSRHG
Max's many years has it taken to grow from the pixie cut to waist?

If anyone else wants to share a time estimate I'd love to hear.

So far, from diff. sources, I've read everything from 4 years to 7 years to reach WL(wet or stretched).

wow, i'm going to be super!
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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