Hairgrowth and your Goals

I chopped off a bunch of damaged long hair about a year ago to a bob at my chin and the top of my neck. It was soooo short and I've been sooo patient. I'm about to start looking into hair growth options because I admit my patience in running low. lol
Recently I can finally see a change since I've been cutting my layers thicker-- the weight of my hair is pulling it down. It's finally to my shoulders, a little longer in the back, but my goal is a big longer than mid back and tapering to the bottom of my rib cage in front.
I bet it'll probably take me another 3-4 years. Or more. My hair randomly grows really fast, but lately it's been kinda lacking.
My ultimate goal is MBL curly but i know in the next few years (by my 25th b-day) I can achieve SL curly BSL stretched. Hoping to be able to wear my hair in a true ponytail like I did before I BC'ed by my 21 birthday on April 17.
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My ultimate hair goal is still MBL curly but my short term goal is BSL stretched by December 2010 and then SL curly a few months later. I did have a true ponytail on my 21st birthday while curly! Its great to see that we are setting goals and then reaching them.
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^^^ It is great that we are all reaching our goals!!

I would like to have my hair below my nose in the front and to my collar bone in the back by December. My ultimate goal is waist length stretched or straightened (my hair does not hang). I know, I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go
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I reached this goal last October (yay!) . My current goal is armpit length by December. My ultimate goal... is as long as it can grow, but I'll continue saying waist length.
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?????. My goal keeps changing. I started at almost pixie and now 4 years later I am BSL (+) dry and waist length when wet. I just can not stop.
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I currently have a TWA, but I want to get to BSL. Patience is key
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Mine is close to bsl, but i want cover-the-breasts length so another 4 inches or so?
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Growing it out; would love waist length, but my hair grows slowly.
I would like shoulder length curly. When I was relaxed, anything beyound that didn't look good on me. It dragged my face down unless had layers put in. I wonder what curly will look like long.
My goal is to get my hair to pass my neck line with a a full head of curls. Being that I just made the BC not too long ago this will be a long wait. I have found some growth spritz recipes and will begin once the ingredients arrive!
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I'm slowly going crazy over the progress of my hair... I'm content with the length but the texture is not how i want it!
My hair is currently a neck length bob, nearly scraping my shoulders when it wants too. (Some days it's 3a some days 2c some days 2b ) I want to get to Waist Length but for now BSL is good for now
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I just BC'd a week ago after transitioning for about 4 months. I started with shoulder length and went to a TWA! My goal is to get back to shoulder length (when stretched) by my husband's Bday in December. Hopefully I get it to shoulder length in it's natural state but I don't eat or drink or live healthy enough lol (College)
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Ok I'm super new here and I'm not sure if I'm posting right! But my hair is like a cross between 3b/3c and a little longer than shoulder length curly. My ultimate goal is to be at hip length while curly. Feels like it's soooo far away. My hair was hip length curly when I was about 11 or 12, but then some insane person cut it up to my chin with clippers! I was so hurt that I started wearing my hair straight ALL the time just to get as much length as possible. But I just discovered the CG way and am waiting to see if this will help me get to where I want. Wish me luck please!
i think my goal is to figure out a steady regimen that keeps my hair moisturized, but not greasy.. i also want grow my hair below my shoulders (most likely to APL) while curly by October..
but my main goal is to enjoy my hair (which hasn't always been the case) and get it lookin good everyday lol
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My goal is BSL, I have never had hair past my shoulders cause I have a huge problem with split ends (I avoid heat like the plague and still get this problem). Its really hard not to cut it right now cause I dont like the shape but last time I wanted to get it "shaped" the hair dresser took off an entire inch!!

Wish me luck!
I would like my hair to be APL when dry/curly. It's BSL when wet. I used to want to grow it to BSL when dry/curly, but I don't think I could achieve or maintain that length and have my ends healthy and curls bouncy. So healthy APL curly hair is my goal now.
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I think this is a just a bit too long, though :
Originally Posted by Rose J

Good lord! I can't even imagine how one would take care of all of this hair!!!
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I've never had hair barely past my shoulders due to neglect and not having the slightest idea what to do with it (used to scrape it into a ponytail, brush the front when it was dry, use the most damaging products etc...). So my aim is just to get past shoulder length to apl and then finally bsl. Good luck with your goals!
I'm currently at twa status right now,and by my one year natural mark (Early-mid September ) I want chin length curls.shoulder/collarbone length when straight.I'm so excited = )
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My ultimate goal is hip length stretched, which I think is about MBL curly? As for my goals this year, it's APL by December. I may end up getting there in the summer.
My hair so far is close to shoulder length so thats my goal for this summer. My hair has been doing great! I got my last relaxer last June and BCed a couple weeks ago and my hair is almost to 5 inches so I think I can make it to 6 in by summer
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When I first joined this board my goal was chin level all around while curly. Most of my hair is that length or longer (in the back) but there are a few top layers not chin level yet. And that took about 2 years.

The goal I now have (and I expect this won't be overnight) is mid arm level when curly. I have had hair that long before but it was dreaded then. But it's the length I really love - just lots of options at that length. Figure it'll take another 3 years of back to back grow-out challenges, lol.
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