how do you know its time?

I've been trying to grow my hair out long for quite a bit of time, but now I noticed the last inch and half at the ends (curl pulled out) is frayed and a little frizzier. It is ONLY the small remaining bit of hair that has old color left in it-the rest of it is in good shape.

Before cutting-is there anything I can do to try to repair that? I've tried deep treatments-I have a kiehl's dt that I like very much, but it doesnt seem to do so much for the color treated portion of my hair (that was dyed YEARS AGO!). I do not use sulfate shampoos-except for my Tigi Oatmeal and Honey when I need to remove build up from the Garnier Fructis C&S and Cantu leave in conditioner. And I haven't noticed any bad changes from the shampoo. I only use ONE product with alcohol denat. but I only use that about once every week or other week and use tons of conditioner in the shower and the same for leave in conditioners (i'm not proten sensitive).

Any suggestions? And how do you know its time to chop some hair off? I really really really don't want to cut the ends, but I think its time to do that.

Try some Coconut Oil first. Just a bit rubbed into the ends of still wet hair after your shower. I have seen it do amazing things! I had highlights put in last December - they took two and a half HOURS to take the color out so you can imagine the shape my hair is in. I did have about an inch cut off a few weeks ago since the split ends were everywhere, but mine had gotten really bad. The coconut oil is new to me, but I really like to so far! It has kep me from heading back for another trim. Much more moisturizing than Jojoba (which I am a big fan of) and you get to smell yummy too!

Good luck!

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