New here and decided to grow my locks out. Help!

I forsee many headbands and clips in my near future. I am needing the strength to follow through and not chop anything till my bangs reach my shoulder blades too!

I have heard that regular trimming is best....but do I have to? My hair grows VERY slow, and I need every split end I've got!

Tell me, trim or not to trim? That is the question.
Try to resist trimming and don't let anyone trim it wet. I thought my split ends were hopeless, but they have healed up in a week of no offending ingredients, no shampoo, and no heat styling. I went to a stylist for a consultation on getting a trim, and she said I didn't need it for another 6 months. She just took a little bit off of a couple curls in the back to give them lift. She said don't ever let anybody cut the length of my hair; only the top layer is safe and nothing off the front.....
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Thanks alaskabelle!

I shall not TOUCH it

I don't blow dry my hair, or shampoo every day, so my split ends are always under control anyway.
I forsee many headbands and clips in my near future.
Originally Posted by AmyV
I can relate!
I used to hate headbands and now I own one in every color! They come in handy when my hair feels "poofy."
- Maria

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When I was in year 7, then my hair was right down to my waist in glorious chocolate princess curls.

Unfortunately back then, I didn't really care what I looked like, and all I knew was that my long hair got in the way.

So, I got this bright idea of cutting all my hair off to chin length.

Why did no one stop me!

Now, in year nine, after two years of tantrums everytime the hairdresser came round and ordering her to cut it all off again (Becasue I hated it) I am finally growing it again! After about three months, it is well on it's way, and is now at armpit length.

Stick at it, and if you get really fed up with your hair, you tie it in a tight bun. I found getting a fringe cut in very useful, as if I ever woke up and started nearly crying at the state of my hair, then I'd be able to tie my hair in a neat(ish) bun, and I could make myself look pretty still with my straightened frindge and headbands and stuff.

<- The reason for the REALLY big hair in my pic is, a really big curly hair day mixed with the sudden desire to backcomb it.

Not a good combination!

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You can do what they call Search & Destroy missions (S & D for short), where you just take some time to specifically look for split ends, that way you can have healthy ends without losing length.

And once your hair gets longer, if you just look up long hair updo's, there are so many possibilties of what you can do everyday, you'll never think long hair is boring ever again.
i get my hair cut once a year. with cg it is enough.
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