Folks - talk me out of getting a haircut!

I'm having one of those bad-hair days, esp. after looking at hair magazines last night at the bookstore and seeing beautifully cut(just above shoulder-length), richly-colored curly-heads. The longest layers of my hair are ALMOST to my shoulders, and rest are at varying shorter lengths. The whole thing is not long enough to do ANYTHING with, either, so the usual advice to pin it back, or wear a headband or something like that doesn't work for me. Plus I look LOUSY without bangs(at my age, almost 60, I'm keeping those!). Plus the shape, from the front, looks like I haven't had a haircut for 4.5 months(true), but from the side it looks not-too-bad. I'm so-o tempted to go for a trim, but I'm afraid of getting my hard-earned length(which isn't all that long really, but my hair was too short when I had it cut in January)sacrificed and having to start all over! I'm using gel for styling, as usual, and I do get good first and second-day hair out of that. The other 3-4 days aren't so good unless I refresh the gel by spritzing with water.
Do I grit my teeth and put up with funky hair for another 4-5 months, and THEN get just a tiny, and I mean TINY(like 1/8"-1/4")trim?
Don't do it Cara!

That was an awkward length for me. I'd say wait 4-6 months and then get a trim unless it is really getting ragged and need 1/4 inch taken off first.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
Thanks, redcelticcurls, for the support! A real goal here would me to make it to next January(which would make it a whole year). Actually the ends aren't in too bad a shape, considering no cutting since the end of Jan. of this year. BTW, your curls and color are GORGEOUS! I wish my hair were as curly as yours - mine's mixed-texture, 2C-3A, which probably accounts for some of this funkiness-while-growing-out-syndrome! Have got some haircoloring processing right now while I'm typing this, so this should improve things somewhat, as I was REALLY due for my coloring session!
Folks - keep that support coming!
If you're not having trouble with splits and tangles, hold out!! That's a really hard length to get through. If you cut it now, you'll just stay in that zone longer. Might as well ride it out a while longer then get your ends spruced up.
Good luck!
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

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