Is anyone else here growing out their natural color?

I'm on month 6 of doing this and it's been hard not dying my hair because I was a total hair color junkie for the past 11 years! I've gained around 3 inches in the past 6 months which isn't too bad considering I don't take any special vitamins or anything. My goal is to reach bra strap length and have all virgin hair. Right now my hair is to my collar bone. Is anyone else growing out old color or highlights?
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I'm thinking about it. But so far I keep caving; I just HATE seeing the grey hairs scattered around my head.

I think jeepcurlygirl has grown out hers.
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Same here! I only dye my hair maybe twice a year, but I can't just not do it anymore because I have too many grey hairs in the front. I hate them! I wish I could just go natural 100% and not dye either.
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godgiven is right, I did grow out my hair.
I used henna for about 4 years. Loved the stuff, but decided I wanted to go natural so I stopped using color almost 2 years ago. I kept my hair at chin length, cutting off the dyed hair as the natural hair grew in.
My hair is now all natural (grey on top and in the front, black in the back) and I love it. And I'm letting it grow long. It's now just below shoulder length when dry.
It wasn't easy (and harder for those of us with dark hair), but I'm so glad I did it.
I have nothing against hair color (my sister dyes her hair a different color every couple months and I love it), but for me it was the best decision I could have made. I never have to spend time or money at a salon (I also cut my own hair), I get tons of compliments, and my hair is always healthy and happy.
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Does it count that I only get high & low lights over top my natural color & I don't give a rat's hairy behind whether or not the stylist touches the gray?

I figure they'll add contrast to the striping or chunking!
I got tired of highlighting my hair last year - it became too brassy and just wasn't me. So I had it cut really, really short - think short pixie - and I'm loving the real color - even the grays (i'm 45 y/o). I cut it in Aug '06 and it's now about jaw - chin length when dry. I plan on growing it to shoulder length when dry and never coloring it again. It's so much easier and healthier - especially now that I don't blow it straight either.
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I dyed Red in Oct and then highlighted in Dec. My hair grows FAST (around an inch a month) so I now have a crown of mousey brown hair with slightly red toned - blond streaked hair to BSL. Sigh. I am really temped to color as close to my natural color as I can on my length, but I'm sure it would do more damage.

Dang coloring! LOL!
I am. I haven't colored my hair since February it's 2.5 years. I still have color on my ends. I would like to color of the ends so it all looks close to my natural color. But no matter what color I use, it always winds up fading and turning brassy over time so I'd wind up right back where I started. I'm planning to just leave it. It should be all grown out in a year or less.

My hair too becomes brassy over time, no matter what color I use. This time I think I've put enough ash tones on it that it looks highlighted from the sun rather than an obvious all over color line.

Anyway, I'm trying to grow out the processed hair. I'd love to have virgin hair again. I would also like to get some serious length, and grow out the layers.
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I have decided to grow out my hair and I can't wait to see my roots! It's gonna be a hard road, since right now I have highlights and lowlights in my hair. But I think it's definitely gonna be worth it to have virgin hair again!!! I have joined this group for support.
Good luck to you! I grew my roots out just long enough that I could cut off all the rest of my hair into a pixie. I used to wear my hair like that all of the time, so I knew I could pull it off. It was a great feeling watching all of the overprocessed, bleached hair fall onto the floor!! Now I've got my own natural color and curls, and my hair is about jaw-length. I'm still trying to find the right products for my curls, but my hair is the healthiest its been in years! And I don't even mind the grey hairs - curls really do camouflage them!
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i'm growing out right now. i dyed my hair with henna back in january, and i've regretted it ever since. it's only grown about 3-3.5 inches since then, and while i realize that's pretty good, that's just not fast enough for me! i get married next may, and even though it's about a year away, i know i'm not going to have long updo hair like every bride wishes for on their wedding day because i plan on cutting the red off of my naturally light brown hair so it doesn't look mismatched. i need a superfast hairgrow pill NOW!
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I would say yes but I'm all done growing out my dyed hair now, it's 100% natural. It's a bit hard getting used to my more "boring" natural light brown, but I feel like it looks a lot healthier than it did before.
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Five years ago I had blonde frosted hair. I went to red for a while to sort of blend it into my warm light brown color. I have done this gradually to get back to a color that I call "strawberry brown." Now I am a combination of natural and lowlights and I am tired of all the fakeness. Most times, I have done my own foils or semipermanents because I apply fewer foils and do thinner pieces than they do in salons where they just want to charge you a lot of money, so I have very gradually transitioned away from blonde. Yes, I have had to maintain a just-below-the-shoulders length for several years and regularly cut it off. My last trim was in March and since CG you really can't tell how much has been done to my hair.

Literally this morning I threw away my semipermanent haircolor mixes. I hated seeing like $50 bucks worth of stuff go into the trash but it felt good.

I am actually surprised at how light my natural color is growing in, since I went so many years not even remembering what it was. But what is growing in is not too exciting since there isn't a whole lot of sun up here to bring out my natural orange tones (which I really like, I was a readheaded baby).

Now I am planning to do "glosses" with natural plant dyes to fill in the ends that still tend to fade, as I continue to grow out my virgin hair. I'm pretty confident with a tint brush and a roll of aluminum foil since I've done my own hair for about 10 I may actually do foils with natural plant dyes for a few pieces on the top to continue to blend in my new growth. At the very least, doing glosses will keep my ends nice and "filled in" without having a bad root line at the top of my head. I think I'll do sort of a reddish brown color similar to what I've been doing.

I'm just not willing to cut any more off of the length of my hair. It looks fine, so nobody has to know the horrors that were once underneath....or maybe by now the blonde is all cut off. Probably is.
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I'm growing out a bad dye job from a year ago January. The color was supposed to be a chocolate mouse, just a few shades darker then my natural color, it ended up bozo red. I waited about a month for my hair recovered as it was quite fried, then dyed it again, it didn't cover up all the red, but it toned it down and made it look more natural.

Now my roots are down to my chin. I'm always torn on redying the redish length to match my roots, but I kinda likes seeing how much progress I've made.
I just colored my hair about a month ago after not having colored in years. It took me going to the salon twice to get the gray covered for the most part. I had wanted to just go back to natural, but when I'm 38 and I am asked if I am my sons' grandmother enough is enough!
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I am trying to both grow my hair longer while growing my color out at the same time. I want to do color like Gisele's, like natural color at the root and lighter at the ends. My hair is about shoulder length right now and I have about an inch of natural roots, but has too many short layers in it. I want it to be long, but it takes forever. this whole process is going to be so long for me cuz i am always changing my hair, but i figure i will buy myself something with all the money i will save by not coloring my hair! I have a long way to go!,00.html

this is my dream hair right now!
I'm on month 6 of doing this and it's been hard not dying my hair because I was a total hair color junkie for the past 11 years! I've gained around 3 inches in the past 6 months which isn't too bad considering I don't take any special vitamins or anything. My goal is to reach bra strap length and have all virgin hair. Right now my hair is to my collar bone. Is anyone else growing out old color or highlights?
Originally Posted by OctoberBaby02
I'm growing out and my goal is to not dye. Like you, I've been a coloring junkie for a long time! I've had everything from black, bleach blonde, to pink and blue! Right now my natural-colored roots are about 2 inches long ... I'm excited to see my natural color, as I haven't since I was about 13!! On the other hand, my natural color rather bores me SIGH, we're never happy, are we?

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Spray on color/highlights or color mascaras/wands.
I'm growing out a brassy red but don't plan on *never* coloring my hair again but I'm looking for more nature ways to color.

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Ditto to JeepCurlyGurl. I too, have let all my gray grow out. In fact, JCG, I just looked at your August photos and I think our hair color and texture looks amazingly similar. I love your haircut!

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