pineappple with long hair?

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For those of you with longer hair, do you still pineapple? I loved the pineapple at first. But I'm wondering if my hair is too long for it now. I don't get 2nd day hair that much, but I do get alot of bad tangles from my hair not being contained at night that I'm afraid might be detramental to my long hair goals. I don't have a satin pillowcase yet, yeah I know, I should get one, but tell you the truth it's just 1 thing on a very long list of things I need to get.
I did a length check the other day & flat-ironed. It is maybe 2-3 inches from the middle of my back when straight, otherwise 4-5 inches away when curly. This gives you an idea of how long my hair is & why I say the following.

Every now & then I still try to put my hair up Pebbles/pineapple like at night, but it doesn't work because of all the length sticking out. I might as well be wearing it down for all the good it's doing.

What I do quite a bit more of is, once I wrapped the ponytail holder around a high ponytail once or twice, I take & fold over the ponytail into a half bow shape. Then I wrap the rest of the base of it with the ponytail holder. It works wonderfully.

ETA: Scroll down to Hillary Duff on the link. This is somewhat of a low/nape of neck version to what I was trying to describe.
Man, I never pineappled long or short. It's just not my thing.
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My hair pineappled the best when it was about BSL. Now it's back up at my collarbone and I'm growing it out again...but it's too short for a pineapple to go. I'm just WAITING because that really seems to work for me....
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I got a great idea from a fellow curly here - only pull the length half way through the last time. Works great for me!
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Excuse my ignorance but what the heck is a pineapple?!!
- Maria

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I got a great idea from a fellow curly here - only pull the length half way through the last time. Works great for me!
Originally Posted by HeatherDawn
That's what I was trying to explain, but you said it in so few words!

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