Losing my curl with length?


I'm growing out my hair, currently at APL. I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my curl! Please, tell me that I'll still have even a little bit of my curls at waist length (my goal)......

I'm just getting such an urge to cut - I've been growing for a year from a pixie!

I have 2C/mildly 3A hair in spots
It's hard saying really, some people can retain, others don't, some even gain some curl.

I can show you some pics of girls I know with long curls for encouragement if you like.



Miss Carolou

You wont really know until you do it.
Honestly I do loose some curl with the length, but it's a calculated trade off for me. Plus this time I have CG on my side! LOL! Hang in there. WHat's the worst that could happen? You can always cut it off after it's long, but I'd rather give it a try and see than never know....

I have a picture of it long in my fotki I think....

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