growing out a bad haircut

so, three years ago (yes, years!) i got a horrible haircut when i went in for a trim. i went from having really nice, layered bsl curls to a triangular mess that was shorter than my chin in some place (i haven't been able to wear it down since). since then, i've had two haircuts (which didn't help much) and i've finally decided to just be patient and let it grow out (which is taking forever)

anyone have similar experiences? and can anyone suggest cute hairstyles i can use while i'm waiting for this to grow out?
3c/4a black&russian C/G
I know some girls who are growing out layers and they just trim the longest layers and leave the shorter ones alone to catch up.

Im not sure how long/short your hair is, but some of my favoirites are variations of buns, twists, and pony tails, adapted to show off my curls, also there's a site they have alot of braiding instructions with pictures from simple to complex ren fair styles.

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