A dumb question

I have a dumb question....I can't find the answer....and not that this is of monumental importance or anything....that said:

How do you abbreviate, in your signature, that your hair is one length when wet and another length once it is dry and curly?

For example, my hair is 26 inches long at its longest point when measured from the widow's peak all the way down the back (the way they do on the long hair message boards). This is when it is wet, which is the only way I can get a consistent measure.

So let's say my hair was 26 inches wet when I measured it August 1 and suppose my goal is to get it 36 inches long or more, of course measured wet.

Do I indicate that like this:

Or do I indicate it like this:

3aFii, ?/26/36+ (wet)
CG since 5-29-07
Current condish: Nature's Gate Aloe & Regis Cherry Almond
I do 2 different lines for it

for example

wet 23/25/33
dry 25/28/33

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