Hair update!

I had my hair cut today, and it looks great! My cutter didn't take too much off, as I told him that I was basically liking having more length. He put in some more longer layers too. My curls are back in action, and I'm ready to touch up that haircolor! BTW, he approved of my haircoloring mix! He cuts so well that one can actually go for a long time without a haircut and have it still look good. for products, he used some Ojon products, the regular conditioner, a leave-in, and a styling product. My hair feels great with these!
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Cool, it's great to have a good salon experience. Sometimes all you need is a little trim to freshen up your look. I just had a few inches taken off - I got tired of the long hair, and went to the salon when I was in a bad mood (never good). Not sure if I regret it or not yet, though I wish I'd just done a small change like you did instead of chopping a lot off (feel bad putting this on the growing out board, though I likely will end up growing out again! ).

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