Growing out Help!

Hey well my hairs in the middle of growing out i havnt cut it in 5-6 months and this is how long it is now

Can you please help me find a women with my hair that looks alot like it and make sure it is down to her shoulders or long im growing my hair out and i wanna see what its gonna look like when it reaches my shoulders thanks!try to compare my hair to other women/girls and show me a pic of what it will look like ! thanks
yup that's a great pic knotty..looks just like your hair curlyjoshua. nice hair..kind of nicole kidman like (before she dyed and fried)
thick, kinky, nappy, hair w/ dashes of curls
pw: bearhair
Tom Cruise's ex. You know....Golden Compass...Eyes Wide Shut....Moulin Rouge.....Far and Away...The Hours...Cold Mountain....Stepford Wives...Batman Forever...Days of Thunder....

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must I go on? --You'd recognize her. Just go to:

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