Growing from a Caesar to elbow-length.....

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.....progress so far is about 3 inches all over. The hair is just sitting there. Right now I'm wearing it straight.

I should add that I'm a 3b, and when my hair is blown straight it gets cowlicks in strange places after a while.

I'm wondering if I should get the back (nape) tapered down so I can gradually achieve a bob and just let it grow from there? Literally, there is no style. Headbands won't even help. It's ever so slowly morphing into a mullet-ish type shape. Events are coming up soon during which I will have to attempt to look halfway cute, so any advice is heartily welcomed.

On the plus side, I'm really amazed (so is everyone else) at the fast rate of growth. I've been damn near bald-headed for most of the summer. I'm really, REALLY trying to do the growing-out-a-short-cut process right this time, so I won't get get frustrated and end up whacking it all off again. I just feel so shabby, half-put-together, and not very attractive. It looks even worse in it's curly state.
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What is a ceaser cut? All I can think of is a balding bust with leaves around his ears.

I kept the back trimmed and let my bangs and sides grow and it gradually grew long enough to shape into a bob. I kept my hair bobbed and let it grow longer until I finally just cut off the last 3" of relaxed and now I'm trimming the sides and my bangs and letting the back grow.


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