Bobby pins are my growing out salvation!

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I'm finding bobbypins to be my friend more and more each day. It always looks neat now that I can put it up. I can go longer between washes, too!

What's your hairstyle saviour?

Headbands, no question. Thick ones whose widths I can adjust. I love Claire's.
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Yes, headbans are definitely a staple for me right now. I can not go a day without them. My hair just does not look right. However, I am looking forward to when I go without wearing one.
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Bobby pins are my hairstyle savior, too. I'm constantly losing them, though. I've bought I don't know how many packages in the past several years, and never seem to have bobby pins around when I need them. I always find them when I'm not looking for them - under furniture, in coat pockets, laundry basket, etc. They are a necessity for certain updos. I like those bendy clips, too, and they're harder to misplace, but I have only like 2 of the same kind. I have silver, gold, brown, in all different sizes and rarely do I have more than 1 of the same kind. I like my clips to match. I can't have 1 silver and one gold in at once. That's why I love bobby pins! If only I could keep track of them. It helps if you don't have cats that carry them off to different places.
The only thing I can do besides wear it all down is clip the top section up with a barrette on top of my head and leave the sides and back down. Headbands look bad on my hair at this point (makes the sides poof out too much)
I have tried two piggy tails but just around home, my husband thinks thats cute. But I won't go in public like that.
Its taking forever to grow......
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I'm in love with bobby pins too! The big brown ones.

They can keep your hair out of your face yet allow you to wear it down. And they're great for gorgeous curly up-do's. I lose bobby pins too though. Everyone in the house uses them and takes them out during the day. They never go back in the case or in the bathroom's hair basket. They get left around the house and disappear.
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Gosh I wish I could find some creative things to do with bobby pins! Why can't I? Heheh..
Another thing I just remembered is since I let my hair part kinda fall to the side, some days I just use a single clip-barette pulling it over to the side of my forehead as well (with the rest of my hair down as usual) If that makes sense.
2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy

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I love those flexi8 hair clips! They're amazing - a barrette that holds hair really well, yet doesn't break it off. There's a long post about them on the general hair board....
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Bobbypins are great 'cause they're cheap! It's a hair accessory that I can afford to lose and replace.


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