Do Shen Min pills work?

Who has used it? I want to know if it is worth the trouble or not. I am growing my hair out, and hope this stuff works if I keep taking it.

Thanks all for any input.

hey there, have you searched the board re: "shen min". i noticed you're new...searching (advanced searches especially) can become your best friend.

i'm on my second bottle of shen min. i don't know if it works or not but my hair is full. i got it because it "claims" to keep your hair from turning gray and i was getting a few. when i researched i saw that it has a lot of panthothenic acid (b5) and that's supposed to keep your hair full and keep it from graying plus it's supposed to be good for your other major beauty concern....

i take other vitamins, multi, etc. think it's worth a try but when i spoke to them i was under the impression that you had to use it for 2-3 months to really see a difference. let me know your results.
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