I went to the salon after being natural for 1 1/2yrs to get a trim and the stylest put layers in the back of my head. I hate it because I never wear my hair straight, and curly it looks awkward. Id like to know how to grow out the layers successfully without losing so much length all at once. Should I constantly get trims or wait it out for a while. I havent trimmed since Feb of this year.
I had a similar problem. In november my stylist layered my hair way more than I wanted. I know its akward but the only solution other than cutting it more is letting it grow out. I haven't gone to a salon since November and its finally starting to get back to where it was, so your looking at around 6 months of trying to avoid the salon.

My major problem was trying to keep my hair healthy enough so I wouldn't have to get it cut. Try to do a deep treatment 2-3xs a week. (I like Mixed Chicks) And put leave in conditioner or moisturizing styling product every day. (I like Redken anti-breakage leave-in, its in a blue bottle) Hopefully this helps!!!
Low Porosity-Medium Density

Hair loves all sorts of curls come to life in hot humid weather!
If your ends are in good shape, I'd hold off on trimming them for a bit. Load up on lots of DTs, I like doing coconut oil treatments and then wrapping it in a scarf and leaving it overnight. Just really baby your hair. Give yourself scalp massages with essential oils blended with olive or sunflower oil - that really stimulates hair growth!

Ive been trimming mine myself using 2 mirrors until the layers catch up since the hairdresser thinned out mine and layered it after I'd asked for a trim I'll never trust another hairdresser they seem to just hack away without caring, even getting foils in my hair was catastrophic the girl was too busy serving other customers and left the foils in too long and when she washed it out my hair was breaking off in the sink Ive had alot of bad luck with hairdressers Id rather save my money and do it myself now, and they are supposed to be professional hairdressers and all they are is professional retards are they deaf or just plain dumb
heres a pic of my hair I have cut off about 2 inches about a month ago, the curls are out of control so I have been blowdrying it, my fringe was above my eyebrows and its now just below my nose its taken me about 2-3 months for my fringe to catch up with the layers that I never wanted, also I had hair that was about 2-3 inches on the top that had broken off from the hairdresser leaving the foils in too long and now they are catching up too ...
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Thanks for the great advice ladies! I think my ends are pretty good, I sweep them a little that's it. I think Ill try to grow out and maybe cut the longest layer a bit in between.

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