Can bunning + small amount of product grow hair down to classic?

I started bunning in November and when I unraveled my curls yesterday, I saw that my hair had grown a couple of inches longer. It was at the the top of my bra strap and now it's at the bottom of it. I've been using leave-in conditioners and just wetting my hair but I could bunning grow hair down to your hip? I also do not really have alot of hair conditioners and stuff. I just use the leave-in conditioners, water, olive oil and aloe vera gel. Is there something else I would need?
It sounds like you have a good routine down pat already.Do you take vitamins and supplements? I leave my hair in a braid pinned on top of my head,I don't wear mine out except for church or a special occassion.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
Yeah I try to take Centrum vitamins everyday. I think I should start doing that lol that sounds like a great idea lol. I usually wear mine's down and it gets stuck on things lol.
I think that if you want more growth, you should take MSM and BIOTIN. You should look at threads that talk about that!
PASS- yayi

Ok I've heard about Biotin just not MSM. Isn't that bad for you or something?
Yeah MSM hasn't worked for me neither has biotin. I took it for 3 weeks,didn't see much growth.Guess I wasn't constant. I usually put my hair in a bun, but how does this "bunning" thing go? Do I need to like modify it?

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