My hair won't grow! Help?

Hello All,
I'm AnnMarie and re-new at this site (lol). I used to come here as a younger teen (about 4/5 years ago) when I first started accepting my curly hair. I was basically was raised to believe that my hair was ugly and the only presentable way to wear it was after hours under a blow dryer, and then a flat iron. When I found this site a few years ago I learned how to embrace and care for and even wear my hair curly.

I am back here now because i'm having problems with growing my hair. I am positive it is due to all the damage (frequent flat-ironing, coloring, etc.) but my whole issue is that I refuse to wear my hair curly because I don't like how it looks (i'd rather have a long, pretty mane then a short fro). In turn, it won't grow because i've mistreated it so much that it is so prone to breakage.

I cut my hair to chin length in 2005, and since then it's only grown to about shoulder length. On top of that, i've dyed/bleached it numerous times since then. For the past year i've cut down alot on coloring, and when I do i'm not bleaching it.

Basically, i'm wondering if there is any way that I can keep straightening my hair, but also using something (maybe taking vitamins, or using certain product on my hair) that will nurse it back to healthy, and help it grow again. I'm open to any/all advice and i'd really appreciate any help!

lastly, i'm going to post some photos so you can get an idea of my hair type.

I wish I had some better quality pics of me w/my hair curly, this is me 2004/2005

2005 before I cut my hair, i'd LOVE to get it back to this length.

This is when I first cut my hair really short mid 2005

These are all from 2006/2007 as you can see I continued to dye my hair EVERY COLOR (lol), continued to straighten it and rarely left it natural. As you can see, it barely grew after I cut it.

This was taken a few months back in 2008.

Hopefully these pics give you guys a more accurate idea of what my hair is like, and hopefully you can help!
Unfortunately You are NOT going to get healthy hair flat ironing it everyday. The last photo you have posted here with your hair all curly is abosloutly beautiful. Due to the flat iron your going to continually have problems due to the heat damamge. No pills are going to help that. To get healthy hair you need to take care of it. There is NO quick fix.
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I still straighten my hair too, even though I know full well the effects that it can do to my hair. Which is why I'm planning on going natural. I've seen the before and after photos on this site and the difference is phenominal! You should try going cold turkey on the flat ironing. Your hair will be happier in the long run.
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All I can say is WOW! Your hair is gorgeous in that last picture, I'm jealous. Its a nice length, and it doesnt look like an afro. Unfortunately, as you already know, your hair is damaged and you cant really change that. Try cutting off the damaged ends, and striaighten less often. Its not neccessary to straighten everyday, and if for you it is, you might want to invest in a better iron. I used to straighten every 3 weeks, and my hair wasnt damaged.
You really need to take care of your hair. Straighten and color less. Protect it at night by wrapping it, or put it into a braid. You can put olive oil on your ends to seal them, and remember to MOISTURIZE! The hair and the scalp, daily or every other day. Supplements like Biotin or MSm can help hair growth and deep condition weekly.
However, if you dont cut the damaged hair, nothing will help your hair grow. Just curious though, whats your hair routine because your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

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What else can i do?

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You dont really look as if you have any dead ends. They look like they still spring up pretty well.
my only advice is that shoulder length hair is the hardest to get past, as its the length where the very vunerable-and-due-to-breaking ends rub against your clothes constantly. therefore i would suggest moisturing your ends very much or wearing your hair up and off of your shoulders for a few months really until it grows past shoulder length.
another option to speed up the process in combination with wearing your hair off of your shoulders and moisturizing like crazy would be to take hair vitamins.
hopethishelps, you have amazing hair

almost forgot to mention that we on on pretty much the same boat length wise lol. my hair used to be as long as yours in the picture of you walking down the street and now its a little past that length where youre in that graduation pic
Been on the CG method for about a month... slowly weaning myself off of twice a week flat ironing sessions as a new years resolutions
Im a 3B with a lil bit of 3C. Its almost shoulder length curly
Just looking to grow my hair back to BSL curly before all the breakage made me cut it off
Loving the wild curly tendrils of my poofy hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Your curly hair looks Great! Is it that same length in the last photo.Maybe,you could do french rolls or buns while you're waiting for it to grow back in the curly state.As for vitamins,I take Inositol,Biotin,Horsetail(Silica),MSM,Vitamin E,Super B-Complex,Fish and Flax Seed Oils,Pre-Natal Vitamins,and Beta-Carotene for hair growth.You can pick and choose what you want.Lay off the straightening too.
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