Recently BC'd challenge

Are there any ladies who have recently bc'd interested in a growth challenge?
[LEFT]confused curls
addicted to henna

I am!
My Fotki
co wash: HE Hello Hydration and Motions
shampoo:no more poos for me!!!
products:KKKC, KKNT, GF Fiber Gum Putty, Africa best herbal oil, GF leave in conditioner, softee shea butter
last relaxer:10/2008
I am also. I recently BC may this year. I have only 4 inches. I would love to join the challenge.

21 Months Relaxer Free

My album:
I currently have about 3.5 inches. How long will the challenge be and the rules? Suggestions?
[LEFT]confused curls
addicted to henna


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