my ends will not curl

6 months ago i got a trim to shape my afro and when i went home to wash my hair to get out the cut hair..after i was done the front of my hair was straight at the ends and it is still straight. i have cut some of the ends but i want my curls back...i would be ok with this if that just how my hair grew but its not..i just cant let go of how my hair use to be. i cant do a wash-go any there a way i can get my curls back.
its most likely damaged hair, but before u decide to cut off those ends, give it one last shot with a deep protein treatment such as the aphogee2minutereconstructor and then follow up witha moisturizing deep conditioning, for which i suggest queen helene cholesterol
Been on the CG method for about a month... slowly weaning myself off of twice a week flat ironing sessions as a new years resolutions
Im a 3B with a lil bit of 3C. Its almost shoulder length curly
Just looking to grow my hair back to BSL curly before all the breakage made me cut it off
Loving the wild curly tendrils of my poofy hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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