What to do? Style ideas for a WAY too short haircut?

I am so upset! I wanted my hair to be chin length and now I look like a Q-Tip! It's about 3 inches shorter than I wanted. I can't stop crying it looks so awful. If I could wear a hat every day I would, but obviously can't when I'm at the office. Does anyone have any suggestions for covering my hair with something that is acceptable? I have been looking online for hours trying to find some pictures of some kind of accessory that would save me from humiliation but have not had any success.
Firstly it's probably not as bad as you think; once you get over the initial shock you'll probably be able to look at it differently. I've had countless hair cuts or colours done that i've gone home and cried about, only to turn up to school or work the next day all self concious to receive bucketloads of compliments. I know it's not what you wanted, and you have a right to be disappointed and upset, but i think sometimes we're more upset that it doesn't look like what we expected.

but back to your actual questions, have you looked at hair bands and hair scarves? I'm not exactly sure what you're office's dress code is? i have something along the lines of a pixie cut and i love them for days that i need to spice things up a little, and they draw attention to themselves and not so much your hair.
You could also have a go at pinning your hair up in different ways (not sure on your hair length or type etc) to create a shape you're happier with.

if you give us a little more information we might come up with some other ideas.

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i have been there, so i am sure have 99% of the people on this site. it will grow, and meanwhile....
i agree with the headbands -- you can wear them more forward or further back as a 'half up.' you can put all your hair behind the headband, or have 'bangs' sitting in front of the headband. clips, combs......
what about putting some gel or pomade and having the sides go back instead of downward?
i suspect once you have a day to try out different ways to wear it while it grows out, it will be better. you just have to get through it.
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Scarves are great because they're stylish and pretty. You could get away with wearig those to work.

Other than that, a short choppy cut can be touseled and gelled so it looks a little lifted and crazy.

The height may take the focus away from how short it is.
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How short is it? What type hair do you have? Do you have a pic of the new cut? It is hard to say without knowing those things or seeing it.
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There are definitely styling options, but it depends on your hair type and thickness and what the cut looks like. Post a picture?

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