Broken Edges that wont Grow......HELP!!

So, my hair is naturally curly (3b,3c) and I absolutely hate it! I am blow drying and flat ironing it constantly and now I have broken edges in the front that wont grow. Not only that, my ends are super straight now. For the humid days or just days I dont want to bother with a blow dryer, is there something I can use to curl my ends, or help the front of my hair grow?
As you are constantly straightening your curly hair the ends have probably been damaged, hence the straight ends. Other than using curlers or rollers of some sort, your only option is to cut the damage off. As for your hairline, you should probably stop the heat styling, try massage the area with oil. Hope this helps.
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It sounds like you have traction alopecia in your front hairline. You need to make sure time is on your side and see a physician right away. OIL will not make your edges grow. But if you catch traction alopecia early, it can be reversed.

Regarding your straight ends: Get a trim. Your ends are damaged.

Finally, stop hating your natural hair texture & figure out a way to work with it. There is so much great info here @ this site & we don't "hate" curly hair

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