Growing hair out and now.

So I have 3b - 3a hair texture and my hair is really thin and brittle. I know it is because I damaged it from too many flat iron seesions and last year I died it four times, twice blonde and the other two times black. ya i know. After dying it a couple of times my hair was falling out like crazy it was so scary and sad. I used to have pretty long hair now it is shoulder length when curly and to about my breastbone when straight. I really wanna grow it out and starting next week I'll be trying some new products ) I'll update on how that goes).
My sister, whose hair is not as curly as mine, took prenatal vitamins for hair growth( she wasn't pregnant) After 2-3 months her hair was so much thicker and longer. I am contemplating doing the same. I also have extensions in right now because I was so sick of waiting for my hair to grow in and it was a big mistake. It was fun at first to have long hair, but it is destroying my hair and I hate it when people tell me I have beautiful hair because it's fake and I can't lie. Tips and pictures about your experiences would be so helpful.
Girls out there who have hair to the midback or bacbone, please tell me your stories. Thanks and sorry for writing too much.
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conditioner conditioner and more conditioner also get a good hair treatment to use once of twice a week, vitamins are good I used to take blackmores hair skin and nails but I get lazy and forget to take them lol
Ive been growing my hair out now for about a year my pics are up on this link

what kind of extensions have you got?
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2c here but in the same boat.
straightening my hair practically non stop for 2 years and dyed three times.. once blonde and my hair started falling out.. it's now about half the thickness it use to be.

I started the CG method about a week ago and although some hair is still falling out it's loads less then before. Cut out any heat appliances and let your hair air dry.
Using deep conditioner twice a week has helped as well.

Going to try and use frizz ease spray and gel this week.. hopefully it won't help my hair fall out.

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Try prenatal vitamins. Make sure the iron isn't too high. I took them every night and my hair grew about 2 inches in less than 2 months. Crazy!

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