Long hair weighing down my curl!

I'm trying to grow my hair out but I'm getting discouraged because the longer it gets, the heavier it gets and the harder it is becoming to keep my curls from turning into flat waves by the end of the day. I have thick combination 1/2a/2b hair...Straight from the scalp to my ears (I assume from the weight, because it hasn't always been like that) wavy through the rest and curly underneath.
Anyone have any tips or products that have worked all day, or something can be used mid-day on dry hair to revamp curls?! Help help help! I don't mind volume, but since my hair is thick to begin with, good volume can turn into BIG HAIR and poof pretty quickly.

i bet you have beautiful hair.you said thick?thats what i need!!!!
2c3ab waist length when stretched or flat ironed or wet.
Well honestly I wish my hair would get really long so it would weight down my curl........but it seems like I have been stuck at collar bone length forever.......:/
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This is a common problem once your hair starts to get long. My hair isn't very long right now, but my roots are already always straight.

You can try getting layers cut into your hair. This will mean less weight in a lot of places, and therefore more curl!
My hair was hip length before I cut it and it certainly pulled a lot of the curl out, but by then I was sticking with buns and braided up-dos as I was sitting on my hair otherwise...

One trick I used to use was half-up half-down with a wide clip. It seemed to allow the curl to come out in the under layers and also in the pulled back part (top layer) as it isn't dragging down. Don't know if that makes sense but it seemed to work...

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