Can anyone tell me about GNC Ultra Nourish Hair

Can anyone tell me about their experience with this? I'd like to try it but haven't really seen any reviews that say much more than "I'm liking it".

I'd like to know how much faster you saw growth or thickness, and/or an average on how much growth you saw each month (half an inch, one inch, etc).

I would like to grow my hair to around bra strap length/bsl by August of 2010. Right now my hair is at the tip of my spine in the back and brushes my collarbone in the front. Can I do it?

Thanks for the help ladies!

thanks girl!

well at the beginning of march (or maybe the last week of february), i began taking gnc ultranourishair which has made my hair tons and tons thicker.
i also cut back on flat ironing, i used to flat iron once or twice a week and now i iron only one or twice a month.
i cowash often and shampoo maybe once or twice a month (before i straighten).
ive also began to use hot oil treatments (coconut and olive oils)
all of these things combined with wearing my hair up so that it wasnt rubbing up against my shoulders (which causes breakage), have helped me to stop shedding.

if theres anything else u need to know, be willing to ask.
Been on the CG method for about a month... slowly weaning myself off of twice a week flat ironing sessions as a new years resolutions
Im a 3B with a lil bit of 3C. Its almost shoulder length curly
Just looking to grow my hair back to BSL curly before all the breakage made me cut it off
Loving the wild curly tendrils of my poofy hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
last perm 11/8
Bc'd 4-9-9

A product to make tranistioning EASIER!
Scissors. Think of it like this, your mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes, you can use all the perfum you want (hair product) but the dirty clothes (permed hair) will never be clean, will eventually get old, raggedy, and eventually start shredding/breaking(natural&permed hair). Don't waste your time. Transitioning for most is a fight that relaxed hair will win!

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