Hair colour discrimination, too!

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Those girls were jealous: red hair is gorgeous, unique, and something they couldn't have. They made that girl feel bad so she ended up not having it either

Maybe when she's older she'll understand what really happened... Those jealous brats bullied her red hair away from her.
hmmm this is a realllllly intresting thread. I have had nasty comments about being a red head but the worst was when I had un-natural colour hair. Going from blonde to purple or pink seem to make people think I had become a differant person over night. People seemed more....scared of me. Especially older people. There was plenty of tutting and staring...its only hair colour! 'dirty hippy', 'emo' and losts of other names were things I remember. It suprised me how shallow people were and how quick they were to judge just on hair.
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From what I read.. in ancient ethnic groups specifically European ethnic groups.. red hair was some sort of signal of having a wild temperment, filled with anger and violence. The women are supposed to be basically... (no offense anyone) promiscuious home wrecking types. Basically, slutty.

It's supposed have come about because of the fact that many Celts had red hair and they were known for their violence and hostile temperments. Given the Scots descend from them and many have red hair as well as many Irish.. it just spread in Europe these stereotypes about red hair.

And people with red hair get labeled in a negative way in those countries where those people originated. Hence the UK issues.

I think we've all heard the phrase, "Fiesty red-head" before. It comes from those sorts of sagas, legends, and myths.
Originally Posted by Marah Mizrahi
This is my understanding. As a natural redhead myself, I get everything... inappropriate questions about the color of my *ahem* "other" hair is my favorite though! ;D

In the U.S., I more often get comments of envy, but as a child, there were some nasty comments too. I think my hair is just my most recognizable and memorable trait, so it's the thing that gets loved (or hated) the easiest.

ETA: BAHAHAH! I just read all the snark that this thread generated, and let me just say, I've definitely had my share of ups and downs with red hair, but seriously people, you've gotta be able to laugh at yourself and the people who are stupid enough to discriminate based on the color of anything. When you get angry, they've won - especially in this case, since isn't that part of the stereotype we're battling? ;D

There will always be stereotypes. Human beings must categorize in order to avoid having too much information to process. If someone wants to assume something about me based on my hair color, be my guest. Either they'll get to know me and realize their stereotype was either true or false, or they'll avoid me entirely, which will be fine too since I'm not interested in their judgmental ways, right?

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I went to Job Corps 5 years ago and I seen it all.They make the black girls dye their hair another color if it is not their natural color and they don't make the white girls do that.Unfair also,If you have a afro and you are a girl,they make you either straighten it or tell you to go home and never return.
This kind of thing is disgusting. The fact that the school's officials don't want to acknowledge it is even worse. I hope this little girl realizes that she is beautiful, and that the only reason to dye your hair (or do anything else to change your appearance) is because you want to, not to try to please anyone else.

As for the red hair stereotypes, has anyone here heard the story of Boudica, Queen of the Icenii? She was a redhead persecuted by the Romans for being a woman, a leader, and a "barbarian". Or it could just be the red hair looks kinda like fire= "hot-tempered" or "hot-headed" thing.
I don't really get the UK hate of red hair (Maybe it's left over stigma from quarrels with Ireland and Scotland? I have no clue!). I don't get the dislike of red heads period! I know a freakish amount of natural red heads female and male who all have beautiful varying shades from strawberry blonde to dark red amber! I think it's breath taking to be blessed with such an amazing natural hair color when so many women spend countless amounts of money on hair dye each year.
really annoying about it? I'm often told, "but you're more strawberry blonde," as if I'm somehow more acceptable because I'm only partly a member of a reviled group. I've even heard other full-out redheads call themselves "half a blonde" (huh?)
Kids can be pretty horrible. I'd give anything to have her exact colour of hair. If I ever tried dying it, though, it wouldn't work very well with me. Sigh...
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I, too, always adored red hair. I went red myself for a while, but just feel more like myself as a blonde. I kinda have a thing for redheaded guys, too.
Red hair is beautiful! Why would anyone be so hateful because of it? I have dyed my hair more times than I can count, trying to find a nice shade of red. But every time I do I see someone with naturally red hair and I get jealous. Right now, I have a red dye just waiting to be put in my hair in a bow next to me!
Jeez. People these days disgust me.
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really, hair colour????? how low could someone go? i can't even comment because im so shocked
My little bro is a redhead - well, I guess technically strawberry blonde, but the color is just straight up orange, so whatever - and he's the only one in the family, since my dad's grandfather. Many people have told him on occasion that his hair is gorgeous and he used to hate that, but he's kind of come to accept it and now likes and welcomes the attention.

Unfortunately, he just entered sixth grade and some snotty little twit in his homeroom called him a douche-bag because she didn't like his hair, and now calls him yogurthead because apparently his hair reminds her of yogurt? I dunno. She probably has a crush on him or something.

Seriously though, I wanted to find this chick and...and...well, I don't know if I can make threats against a twelve-year-old in clear conscience, especially since I'm eighteen. But still! My brother is just starting to really like his hair! And I've wanted to shave it off and keep if for myself ever since he was born!

Argh. I'm all worked up now.
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Yes, there is a stigma against red hair. I've never understood it and always always wanted it. I dyed my hair red for years.

Case in point- I remember when I went to the hairdresser first time to dye it red, I wanted the bright firey orange red, and my hairdresser said, 'honey lets go for a more subtle purply red (which I didn't really want) because I don't want people to react badly to your hair!'
I am a natural red head.. I have dark-ish red hair (auburn), and I get a mixture of comments on it. While I personally LOVE my hair now, when I was younger I hated getting made fun of for it... Adults have always complimented my hair and now that I am an adult (22) I find that a lot of people my age have begun to appreciate it. I hate is when people say "Oh, you're pretty for a redhead" or "You have nice red hair, not that ugly orange kind!" I think it is just so offensive to me, even though they are complimenting me it shows their distaste for natural red hair (as many people who are natural red heads do not have dark red hair like I do.)

Below is picture of my red hair (I just started CG about 2 weeks ago so I don't have any curly pics yet, but here is one with my hair straight).

I am a natural redhead with strawberry blonde (read: orange!) hair. I'm the only redhead in my family; even my twin brother is a brunette.

I get many comments from random strangers saying how gorgeous my hair is, but I also get a few rude ones too. In Australia it's common to hang sh*t on redheads and it doesn't really bother me when it's in jest, which is the vast majority of the time. It's important to have a sense of humour but you need to know where the line is (unlike those little idiots in the article at the start of the thread!).

Equal rights for rangas!!

These theories on the reasons for prejudices are very interesting! I just remembered something I read in a book by Diana Gabaldon. She suggested that redheads are considered fiery and temperamental because their emotions are so easily shown on their faces compared to others with darker hair and skin tones eg. blushing, flushed cheeks when angry, blotchy when crying. I know I'm a shocker for blushing, yet I don't have the characteristic pale skin and freckles that many associate with red hair.
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I thought it was interesting that the article mentioned the girl wearing a hearing aid; probably another thing that made the dimwitted girls bother her. It makes me very sad that people discriminate against things different from themselves. I think she was gorgeous.

Oh, and for the record, I'm a redhead. I don't care about the mockery I faced for that as a child, or my 'huge eyes', my frizzy hair, or anything else. In the end, I realize that the things people made fun of me for are the things I like most about myself.

If we can just protect the kids from bullying to begin with, we can eventually teach them that the best things about them are the ones that make them unique.
Seriously? Red hair discrimination???

One of these days I'm gonna have to move to the UK and rescue a ginger haired man from his sad predicament. I mean, we all have to play our part, right?
Seriously? Red hair discrimination???

One of these days I'm gonna have to move to the UK and rescue a ginger haired man from his sad predicament. I mean, we all have to play our part, right?
Originally Posted by Dedachan
lol! There was a red haired man appreciation thread around on the non hair board that I started
The poor girl. D: I find red hair to be gorgeous to the point that I have a weakness for it (luckily for me, I have natural reddish highlights in my hair). Some people really need to learn.
I love Red/Orange/Ginger/Auburn hair! Omg. Lol. Especially if it's really bright! I seriously have a crush on Rupert Grint. My my. He makes me blush.

I saw this guy at Chipotle with this FIRE red hair. It was so gorgeous. I dye my hair with a red dye, because it gives my hair a reddish tint in the sun and I LOVE it.

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I think my hair likes cones...

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