Hair colour discrimination, too!

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My hair is naturally black and I have always loved red hair, especially curly red hair! I had a few best friends while growing up who were redheaded. Even as a child I never felt weird around them or obligated to tease them, just absolute adoration of how lovely their hair was. Someone in here commented about how people wanting to touch her red hair was creepy; I understand where you're coming from (my hair has a strange texture so in high school everyone had to touch it. everyone.) but really it's only because they think your hair is gorgeous!

It's awful that for whatever reason most children with red hair, or any distinguishing feature, grow up being teased. I bet those little girls are just mean-spirited and jealous; I hope they are reprimanded for their behavior before some other girl has to deal with it. Sorry if this was a long post!
Not technically "curl-bashing," but it's still discrimination towards someone's hair, and making them feel insecure just for looking a certain way. And this poor girl is only twelve! I've personally always wanted her hair colour. What really gets me, though, is the fact that kids are doing this. These weren't high schoolers, but sixth- or seventh-graders.

Anyone ever experienced this kind of thing?
Terrified schoolgirl dyes hair blonde after girl gang sends her seven death threats in one day - because she is ginger | Mail Online
Originally Posted by GirlWithUkulele
I've never experienced ginger hate but honestly I think it's just stupid and pointless. I blame South Park for it because I didn't start to hear about ginger hate until after their ginger kid episode came out.

Back in high school ('06-ish) I dyed my hair red and looked freakin fabulous! When my hair is longer I'm gonna do it again! Awhile back I tried looking for color depositing shampoo so I could put shots of red in my hair but only found black, brown, silver and blonde. Stupid ginger hate, now there's no more red color depositing shampoo!

Anyway I hope things have gotten better for that girl. Red hair is really pretty, and I think there's a certain flare to it. Like with Emma Stone for example. If my assumption is correct and people are hating on red hair just because of a stupid TV show then I fear for our society.
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Sadly, redhead hate has been around for a long, long time. I remember an ad campaign from when I was a little kid that went, "The redhead is dead!" It was for dark hair dye. I doubt I could count high enough at the time to realize the number of times someone yelled that slogan at me.

This is why my primary identity is, and always will be, "Redhead."

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Death threats? All for red hair? That is crazy! I love red hair and I've always wished that I was a natural redhead (because sure, people can dye their hair red, but in my opinion it never really looks as good as those who have it naturally.)

There's crude/slightly mean jokes for every hair colour, I think. My hair is naturally dark blonde, but I bleach it and of course I get the blonde jokes and the "ew, bottle blonde" thing, but it's like, really? You think I'm trying to pass off bleached hair as natural? I'm not...

I understand the minour "ginger" jokes -- if it's all in good fun. (And people very well know the boundaries.) My ex boyfriend was a ginger, and it wasn't like he didn't know and so I made the occasional ginger joke about him and he made the occasional blonde joke about me. That being said, death threats to a little girl?

That is absolutely disgusting.
I don't really get the UK hate of red hair (Maybe it's left over stigma from quarrels with Ireland and Scotland? I have no clue!). I don't get the dislike of red heads period!
Originally Posted by veezor
Appreciate this is an ancient post, but I hope you see this and get the irony of dismissing an entire nation as prejudiced. We are a diverse nation with narrow minded and open minded people, irrational racist/ prejudiced bullies and those able to use reason and common sense just like everywhere else in the world. Dislike of redheads is no more logical and understandable than dislike of African Americans, British Muslims or the LGBT community in Australia.

Since Northern Ireland (since ~1800) and Scotland (since ~1700) are an integral part of the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' I fail to see how the UK could possibly be quarreling with 'them'. Did you mean to merely insult all the English instead of insulting all UK citizens?
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