men v women

alright, is it just me or is it not acceptable for women to have curls but men can go flaunting them whenever they friggin' please? i mean, look at it, how many female celebrities can you name with naturals spirals? yeah, sarah jessica parker, but i'm pretty sure her's are relaxed. i dunno. and maybe amanda palmer of the dresden dolls. her hair's always up, so i can't tell. but then i see the male side; weird al, bam margera, constantine, and joey lawrence [well, before he chopped it off]. seriously, wtf!?!

^^amanda palmer^^
i definitley know what you mean. Like its ok for guys to half cute little curly fros, but if a girl as one single strand of frizz, its this used faux pas.
It sucks for us girls :/

Growing out hair to a little above bsl
pw: ringlets

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