Why is wet hair considered unprofessional?

Exactly! I was talking to some other curlies at my school - one straightens, one uses silicones and sulfates, etc, and another retouches with a curling iron.

They all shower at night, but I shower in the morning, and one was like "But isn't your hair wet in the morning?"

Me: "Yeah... but it dries..."
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I never thought about it, but I guess my hair is almost always damp whenever I go out. I never got any dirty looks or comments.
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I am glad for this thread. I am really new to the being curly thing, and I still feel kind of like Peter Parker waking up one morning and finding out that he can now walk on walls and ceilings like he can the floor. So, I am still learning to "deal with" curls and moisture while realizing that I don't deal with them, they deal with me.

This morning I had wet hair when starting at 8AM (I had arrived at my place of employment around 7:10AM or so because working at a grocery store you can just buy breakfast there anyway and I had decided on breakfast there) after having gotten out of the shower at 6:10AM and let my hair begin air drying. I went in and went over to look at the bakery cold case to look for deals. I said "Good morning bakery" like I usually do and in response got an open mouthed stare from a lady (whom I have known for years and get along with well on a co-worker basis) and her eyes went wide. My hair was still pretty wet; it was also foggy and drippy when I was going to work this morning. "You need a hair cut" was what came out of her mouth, and another bakery worker whom I have known even longer than the fist one, chimed in with the same "Yes you do need a hair cut". (These two are straight haired and over 55.) I responded by saying that I did not, and that the hair was not in my eyes (as they were insisting it was), which at the moment it was but I could push it out and I wasn't starting for about another hour, in which time I knew it would be an over-all non-issue.

My hair was wet sure, but when one cannot towel or hair dryer hair, because the result is a giant frizz ball, what is one to do? Even combing is not a very good idea in excess. I combed enough to get some water off the hair to help speed the drying process a little bit at home before leaving for work, but again, that is tempting frizz. I have thick hair, drying takes time. I think the hair was finally dry by about nine thirty in the morning. So, for me, this is a real question too. While I do not want to go in with a sopping head of hair, other than a hair net and hair dryer, how to dry the hair?

So far management is cool, or at least not saying anything about it. It seems like since I have been letting my hair grow out and my beard, that the male store manager and the male assistant manager have been treating me with more respect. Customers have given my hair and beard great compliments, both men and women. Younger women give me the eye in the aisles. I finally said to the bakery ladies, "I have curly hair, it's not getting cut." and walked off with them still going on about my needing a hair cut and related commentary.

I think a lot of this issue with wet hair regards personal presentation (as many other people have said). I think that part of presentation is balance. I am not shaving in part because my skin is dry (eczema) and Winter is a bad time for it. On the other hand too, it helps balance out my appearance with my hair so that I do not look like I am going to fall backwards. Perhaps if the "bigness" of the hair is an issue that is being subconsciously coupled with the wetness of the hair there is a ready remedy for women. Perhaps if a necklace of some sort were worn on the front, that had a large pendant, or was a nice looking layered jewelry piece, then perhaps the presentation would appear to be more balanced. If I have no idea what I am talking about here, please tell me. This realm of curliness is quite new and I have never been a woman (nor would want to be a woman, like being a guy quite a bit) so I am sure I could be completely off on this one.

Anyway, thank you for the posts.
I don't know, seeing people walk around with wet hair has always kind of grossed me out a bit--no matter whether it's straight or curly. I remember sitting behind a girl in church some Sundays and she had waist-length, straight hair that she'd leave fairly wet, like she just showered and threw on clothes to come. And this was afternoon church--it's not like she had to be there by 8am. I was always baffled by the fact that she was okay with just leaving it wet. I'm trying to put into words what feels wrong about it...and I think it's mostly that it looks like you're still in the middle of your grooming process, and it calls attention to itself and feels too personal, maybe?

For work, though, I do think it does look unfinished, and unprofessional. I think a lot of people would tend to wonder why a person didn't shower the night before or get up early enough to finish grooming before coming into work. It looks like you had to leave the house early and didn't have time to finish your routine.
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I could shower every night if I wanted but I would still have to shower in the morning again. I get night sweats real bad. And I'm not even near menopause. So I co-wash every morning. But I get up at 4:30 am too. I'm out of the shower by 5 and take down my plop by 5:20. Here's where it gets good though. I leave for work about 5:50 and I walk in the door about 7:20. Yes, it takes about and hour and a half to get to work. So my hair has quite a bit of drying time in the car.

It's still a little damp when I walk in but not bad and certainly not dripping. But it wouldn't bother me if it was wetter and I don't think it would bother my immediate coworkers. I work with 6 guys, 5 of whom are going bald. Actually I dare them to say anything to the only woman in their group. Might not be a pretty sight.
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I am grateful for all these prospectives. I am entering the "real" working world soon (meaning I am graduating from college and getting an entry level job).

I work in an professional environment now and have come into the office with damp hair. I don't really have a choice: I used to have to be at work by 8 or 8:30 and had to spend an hour on public transit, so even getting up at 6 am to shower doesn't really give me enough time for my hair to dry completely.

So far my boss hasn't cared, I am the youngest in the office and have been given permission to dress causally because my job is 100% behind the scenes.

That being said, I am looking for a much better, much more professional full time job and should probably really try to look nice every day.

I have never left the house with dripping wet hair, its always damp at most. Is that so bad? Most of the time its about half dry. My hair is also a dark brown, so the color it is when wet is not much different from when it is dry.

I feel for curly girls out there, our hair can take a long time to dry and when we have to be at jobs early in the morning, damp hair seems like the easiest option.

I hate using my diffuser, but if I need to in order to get a good job, I'll do it.
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So this isn't exactly hall of shame material, but it was a question that I've had for a while.

Wet hair is considered sloppy and messy and unprofessional. And I can understand that hair that is dripping wet does look a bit ridiculous and has no place in an office, but I don't understand the problems with hair that's damp or half dry.

I'm sure you guys know exactly what I'm getting at here - I have really short curly hair, and I *need* a morning shower so it's not gigantic. But I also have neither the time nor the inclination to blow dry it every morning to make it "acceptable," and now that I'm in college and interning, I've gotten some funny looks for coming to work with hair that's a little wet.

What's the back story here?
Originally Posted by rolltidegal
I've had the same thought before! Unless you're difussing because it helps you style your hair, what's the point?
Hair Type: I was thinking thick, fine 3A, but honestly I have no clue! I do know I have a super flat top, and frizz on the sides.
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I'm a teacher, but I have never experienced any hateful glares or remarks about my coming in with damp hair. I always say other women (mostly curlys) going in with wet hair. Curly's just have a different hair type, luckily people here (Chicago) don't seem to mind

I'm sorry that you're having to deal with that though
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I rather have "gross damp hair" every morning than gross smelly dirty hair because I couldn't wash it, or fried hair from heat tools.

At least, I always smell GOOD. I wonder what's more professional, clean or dirty!!
My hair is usually barely damp when I get to work, but its quite damp when I leave the house. Depending on how much gel I use, it tends to have the wet look even when dry. It is what it is. It's taken me a long time to find products that work well with my curls. I am hoping that nice clean curls outweigh the wet look whether it's product induced or really wet.
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Then I have no idea what I'm going to do once I enter the working world. My hair will stay damp for 8+ hours. It takes me washing it being out all day and sleeping on it for it to dry fully.

When I first went natural I would have the "drippies" for hours at a time. And people would always ask me if I was sweating. I never knew people felt this way about wet hair ....now I'm just embarassed
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If I didn't spray my hair wet in the the morning I would get to work looking like Bride of Frankenstein!
I've struggled with the same issue. How “wet” is acceptable?

While in college, I often had early morning classes (as in, 7am early). If the class were just a PE class, I had no problem going with fairly wet (usually towel scrunched) hair. The hour-long class in a hot gym, or walking/running all over the city helped it dry before my next class. I mean, I'm showing up in sweats and no makeup as it is. . .so how much worse is wet hair?

However, if I had an actual sit-down-and-take-notes lecture or lab, I'd make a point of showing up with nothing worse than damp hair. I viewed the effort I put in to my appearance as a way I could show respect for my instructors.

Now I work in a corporate environment—albeit in a position that doesn’t have “much” interaction with the general public, and I take the same approach as with the lecture classes. Even though I rarely see the public—so in a sense, what I look like doesn’t matter—I want to show my employer that I take my job seriously, and respect the company.

I start work at 7am. Getting up at 4:30am just so I’d have time to diffuse my curls got old real fast. I started styling my hair the night before, and sleeping with it plopped and clipped at the roots. When I take out the plop in the morning, my hair is still slightly damp, but dry enough to hold the style, and dry enough to be business “acceptable.” If I’m concerned about it being too “wet” looking, I diffuse a bit more, or blast the heater on my drive to the office.

Have I gone to work with my hair half-dry? Yes. Do I like doing it? No.

I think “wet/half-dry” hair can be considered “unprofessional because it signifies:

a) Lack of planning and preparation (“obviously” so-and-so didn’t plan ahead enough)
b) Lack of concern for personal appearance
c) Lack of respect for the employer/company/company values (note: as an employee, you represent the company to the rest of the world, so how you dress/style your hair reflects on the company too).

Ultimately, the degree of hair wetness acceptable in public really depends on the environment one is in, one’s position in that environment, and the “unwritten rules” that govern the environment.
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