truth about indian women with curly hair.

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ALSO...I'm from Andhra wowohwow!From Hyderabad and going to visit soon actually...lets see how CG holds up against the heat wave that is south India=)

PS. Thanks to the OP for creating the thread, makes me feel a little less alone knowing there are other Indian curlies =)
Originally Posted by curlaphile
Wahoo!! Let me know how that goes..I'm due for a visit soon
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I never dreamed that I'd see so many fellow Indians on!
Originally Posted by RoCurls
I know! I figured I would be alone.
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I'm an Indian curly tooooooo! It comes from my dad's side and he still has a full head after sixty =) I was one of those who straightened because I didn't know what else to do... but I have seen the light!!

As a lurker, this thread got me to register, yay! I'm two weeks no poo (except for one cheat) and slowly adding to the routine to figure out what works best...

I will give it two months...
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Hello all...complete and total guano here...I apologize in advance.....if you prefer, you can send me an answer via PM so I won't hijack the thread.

I bought a silk sari via Ebay, and it is sooooo stiff. Is there ANY way at all I can get this stiffness out? I think the previous owner wore it for only a few hours and then had it dry-cleaned. Where, I don't know. She lives here in the U.S.

I'm not Indian and not a seasoned sari-wearer, so my confidence is pretty low that I can maneuver this sort of fabric. I had to return a Tussar silk one via Ebay because I just couldn't put it on, and it was so much hassle (plus this one is so much prettier)....I'm hoping to avoid that.

Even some softening would be better than none. This is all my fault--I was blinded by its beauty and so thrilled to find one with a matching blouse that actually fit me, I completely overlooked the fabric type. I usually stay away from the 100% silk ones.

Any, ANY advice at all would be much appreciated.
there aren't that many Indian girls with curly hair. the few of them who do have curly hair..well ud probably never see their curls because they comb they're hair until its a huge poof and then put a whole bottle of coconut oil in it and then braid it. (i kno this because my mom used to do this to me everyday wen i was little and i rmr crying so hard cuz i had alot of knots n shed pull the brush so hard through them)most indian gurls have straight hair, im Indian and im the only one i kno with curly hair except for my dad but he doesn't like it and he combed it so much that its basically straight now. i think curly hair is so much more interesting than straight hair cuz its different for everyone. i wish id see more indian girls with curly hair..i dunno if this really belongs in "hall of shame" but i jus felt like sharing...
Originally Posted by willytheturtle
Everything you said is so true haha. I'm indian with 3a curls
3a hair

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I'm Indian too!

And I know pretty much everything you're talking about. The brushing, the oiling, the braiding. Ugh. My whole family (and almost every other lady in India I've met) are actually curlies..really damaged curlies anyways. I'm from south India though.

Going there was pure hair torture. For one, there's the heat damage. But then, when I'm drying my hair, my relatives insist I'm doing everything wrong and start rubbing my hair vigorously with a towel, combing it with a fine tooth comb, and oiling it up.

But other than that India was beautiful
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Most south indians have curly hair (me)

My whole family has curly hair, me and my sister are the only ones to go curly though. The rest still comb it out with coconut oil and put it in a braid

I bet you half the girls that have "straight" hair really just straighten it
I'm Indian too!

And I know pretty much everything you're talking about. The brushing, the oiling, the braiding. Ugh. My whole family (and almost every other lady in India I've met) are actually curlies..really damaged curlies anyways. I'm from south India though.

Going there was pure hair torture. For one, there's the heat damage. But then, when I'm drying my hair, my relatives insist I'm doing everything wrong and start rubbing my hair vigorously with a towel, combing it with a fine tooth comb, and oiling it up.
But other than that India was beautiful
Originally Posted by wavie
I lol'd cause I totally feel you
Man, all this sounds so familiar.
I'm half Indian. My mother (Indian) has some kind of wavy hair, which is easier to wear straight without poofiness. Although, looking at older pictures it does look kind of poofy.
Anyway. After washing my hair and towel drying it furiously, she would blow dry it (without a diffuser), comb it, oil it with coconut oil or amla oil and braid it. I always showered at night, and this way, the next day I'd end up with more "managable" hair. Which she would brush more and then either braid, put in a ponytail or something like that. It was never straight this way, but for some reason I always considered it straight. I just thought it was "frizz". I'm actually 3a though.
Oh man! I am so glad to find other Indians on NC! I'm Bengali, and I have 2c/3a hair. My mom's sisters (all 6 of them) have gorgeous, thick, long, straight hair (a la Parachute hair oil commercials). They would sit in a line and spend hours combing it and putting oil in it and braiding it, and eventually their nieces and nephews were delegated this task. My mom, in her early 20s, chopped off all her hair and got an easy-to-manage permed bob. She's a complete tomboy and doesn't touch makeup or hair products and she had no desire to learn how to do "girly" things with me, so until I was about 18, I had a boycut. It was pretty straight until I hit puberty and then the curls started coming in. Of course, with short hair, my hair just got denser and denser instead of actually forming curls, but when I started growing my hair out, it was definitely pretty curly. Until about 3 weeks ago when I discovered CG, I mostly straightened my hair or on lazy days, put it up in a bun. If I wanted curly hair for a nice occassion, I would straighten it and then curl it to have manageable curls. But I've always wanted nice curly hair, but my hair is just so frizzy and dry - it looks disgusting, so here I am, a newly converted CG!

Thanks a ton for starting this thread by the way!

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im not indian but i feel truly grateful that my mom knows how to take care of my 3a spiral curls and that my dad and the rest of my family love my curly hair. i am literally known to have a head full of long ringlets. i do get comments that i should flatten my hair out or something from time to time but because i would never have my curls any other way i dont care that much it bites when people make bad calls about curls that are supposed to be clever but too bad for them they just sound stupid either that or one of my friends will say are you kidding? she has pretty hair! my message is that every curly girl should take the time to care for curls and set them free because theres no better accesory than a curly, kinky, or wavy head of hair!
the grundy look is very sexy....on men!, a lot of women like it!, it gives an "edge" to the guys look
what kind of indians are yall talking about? indians with the red dot on thier foreheads or cherokee and seminoles indians because if yall are talking about cherokee indians then im indian 2 acually im mixed with black and indian and i have curly hair and i hate it so much its so annoying but people keep telling me i have pretty hair and i do but i wish i had straight hair but having curly hair is acully nice now.

Thank You!

I'm South Indian and I have extremely curly/poofy hair! Growing up my mother always denied my curly hair by brushing it relentlessly and putting it into buns and braids since she didn't know what else to do with it. I remember she tried putting oil in it, but I always fussed and she finally gave up. Everyone on my mother's side of the family has beautiful shiny straight hair and everyone on my dad's side has curly hair so I guess I inherited my crazy curly hair from him. I used to flat-iron my hair a lot simply because I didn't know how to handle it, but I've grown to love my curly hair and I stopped flat-ironing it as well. It feels good not to kill my hair anymore! The funny thing is as a child I hated having oil in my hair and now I use olive oil all the time to keep my hair soft!

I'm also very dark-skinned so when I wear my hair curly people think I look exotic!
Hey I'm south Indian too.. I've had my share of bad experience.. Straightened hair which I had to grow out for 2 and a half yrs!! But now my hair s full of curls with a new hair cut yay!
So I started using sulphate n silicone free products from the body shop.. But since they are a bit expensive can anybody pls suggest some other sulphate n silicone free product available in India preferable chennai
Wow...a lot of the Indian woman I know have curly/wavy hair. One of my close friends was just married and I celebrated her bachelorette bash wknd with her in fl and 4/5 of the girls that were indian had curly hair and wore it curly since we were at the beach.

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nirucurls, you could try himalaya or biotique products.

they're much cheaper, but you should check if they suit your hair or not.

also, lush products are said to be good, prolly a little on the higher side though..

and also forest essentials.
I'm a south indian with curly hair too! There is a huge shortage of products meant primarily for curly hair, in India. That sucks!

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Snowfringe: they are not moisturizing my hair.. Biotique leaves my hair dry and I dont like Himalayas.. Plus I tried a few more and lush products have sls but as of now I love the body shop rainforest moisture i've been using it for a month and I love it.. Its a bit expensive so I thought maybe something cheaper but as of now I guess I'll stick to the rainforest products
nirucurls, i'm going with tbs products too, as of now.

like curlyy! said, we have a dearth of curly hair products here

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