Do guys make better hairstylist for women?

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I have heard a lot of girls saying this. That a guy makes.a better hairstylist for a women. Guys precisely know what would look good on a women.
Not necessarily everyone would agree to this. But still what is your experience or opinion?
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I find male stylists to be controlling.
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Besides, I want what I want, not what a male stylist says men want. I'm not there to make myself appealing to men, I'm there to make myself happy.
Totally agreed. But i have heard a lot of positive reviews about male hairstylists. Even from my mom !!
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I don't care who cuts my hair, man, woman, or alien, as long as they know what they are doing and listen to me. I've never heard that men make better stylists.
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I worked in the hair industry for several years and made some observations about male hair stylists.

There is no difference between the general quality of work performed by gay males and all the female stylists.

There IS a difference when the male stylist is straight.

A straight man who will go through beauty school and get into a female dominated profession where it will often be assumed he may likely not be straight is one who really must LOVE hair and must already know they have some kind of talent brewing inside them to do this kind of work. They see it as much more of a profession than some of the women I've seen who go through beauty school because they don't know what else to do with their lives.

There were many great female stylists in my territory.. very professional, very precise and extremely talented and creative. But when you looked at them in proportion to the number of female stylists, they were few and far between.

Of the very few straight men who were in the business, most were extremely successful and talented. Yes, they had the charisma to charm and get lots of clients, but they were also competing on national levels in competitions. They love their work and love creating their 'art'.

Maybe my assumptions of why straight men might make better styists is wrong, but I do think that there IS something about them that beats out the average female stylists. Like I said, there ARE female stylist that are fantastic, but when looked at as an average, the girls have too many sub-par ones that drag the whole bunch down.

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Thanks dear. You just put my thoughts into words !!!
I've had the same female hair stylist for about 15 years now and she's brilliant, she knows me and my hair so well! I can't speak for whether males make 'better' stylists because I've never had one (not that I'm being deliberately selective, it just so happens that the stylists I've had in the past have all been women.) An interesting debate though...
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I thought about becoming a stylist because I love everything hair, but I'm just not a people person, and I think dealing with women so much would be difficult. I worked in jewelry sales for a couple of years, and women customers were so hard to deal with. I can only imagine what it would be like to deal with them that closely. I think it's because women have a harder time internalizing their problems, maybe?

I think women customers would give more respect to male stylists becuase our society favors males, and that is internalized. I wouldn't give preference as a customer because in general I go out of my way to treat service people well (because I've been there). I think I'd feel more uncomfortable with a man cutting my hair, straight or gay. I feel funny about people being in my space, so I try to overcompensate by tipping big and being extra thankful when they do a good job, or understanding if I'm not happy with the cut. I probably would never make a good stylist, lol! I cried a lot as a salesperson from being quiet and sensitive. It really is hard to work with people closely, and about 50x moreso if you're not into people. I just think it would be fun to deal with hair, not so much the people it belongs to, lol!

I can say if I ever went into that industry, I'd make it a priority to get into a barber shop because I expect men would be much easier to deal with, though, their treatment of women in the service industry can be bad and more extreme when it is. Though, the true jerks (mostly male) were rare in jewelry sales. That position commands a certain amount of respect because they knew I had knowledge of jewelry and wasn't going to give it to them if they didn't treat me right. I figure it would be the same way in the beauty industry, but I'm sure the unsatisfied customers give a lot of trouble.
Even i have thought about becoming a hairstyling thousand of times. But i am afraid to start something new at this stage of my life when i cant take risk.
But mind you if i become a hairstylist, i would be the best of the class. And thats coz i love everything about hair.
I personally don't style anything on myself, clothes, hair, makeup or otherwise based on what someone say's men want, I do it based on what I want.

But, I have found that men in the fashion and beauty industry seem to be more talented then women on average (not always, but often). It has just been my personal observation and I don't know why that is and I've only noticed it with men that are interested in that type of thing because men that aren't often have awful taste in style LOL.
Even i have thought about becoming a hairstyling thousand of times. But i am afraid to start something new at this stage of my life when i cant take risk.
But mind you if i become a hairstylist, i would be the best of the class. And thats coz i love everything about hair.
Originally Posted by zhakasguy
You should go for it never let fear guide what you do. You probably would be awesome at it and a lot happier. Nothing like doing what you love for a living makes a HUGE difference in your quality of life :-)

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