No Curly Friends :\

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I have few wavy/curly friends, but neither of are CG.
One has amazing shiny waves, she isn't CG and brushes her hair all the time, which somehow doesn't give her any frizz (so jealous!!) I reckon if she went CG she would have at least 2b hair, maybe even more.
Another has 2c curls, she isn't CG but doesn't brush her hair dry, and scrunched product in and stuff. Her hair would benefit from it though, she does lots of swimming and she always complains about it being dry.
My other friend has gorgeous waist length 3b curls, which every one loves. She brushes it, but not that often, and never straightens ("I tried straightening it but THERE'S TOO MUCH HAIR" that's what she told me haha)
I knew someone when I was younger who had lovely 3b curls as well. Looked at her Instagram the other day and she was showing her hair without straightening, which was frizzy 1c/2a waves. Ah well :S
I only have 1 friend who is curly that actually wears her hair curly, but she's not CG and doesn't know the first thing about it. Her mom actually reached out to me the other day saying she should start using the products that I use. I simply explained my products may not work for her if she has a different hair type. I pointed her to the CG basics and offered to sit down with her sometime. I think it would be fun to pass along my little knowledge that I have!

I have a hair stylist friend who is a wavy, but she straightens. Anytime I ask her what other styles I can do with my hair, her comment is always "You can straighten it." - no matter how many times I tell her I'm not using my flat iron ever again.

I was just talking to another friend last night - she's a wavy/curly and attempted to let her hair do it's thing yesterday for her pre-wedding photos. She uses all the wrong products and always straightens her hair, and she wondered why her curls didn't work. I offered to use my products on her sometime and style it for her, because I'm really curious to see what her hair can do!

Any time I get questions about what I use in my hair and try to explain, someone always interrupts and it goes onto a different subject, so I've kind of given up and say stuff like "I use gel" or something. Ugh!!! So frustrating. I really want curly haired friends here!
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: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens
I have the same problem! All my friends have straight hair and they constantly ask me if they can do my hair and straighten it. But I love my 3b curls and I like being unique
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I have no curly friends either...well one of my friends has curly hair but she straightens and dyes it often so it is just kind of wavy. I also have a sister with curly hair but she straightens and highlights. *Sigh* I wish I could start a curly/wavy hair club where I live lol that would be awesome!
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*Serum: Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

I have the same problem! All my friends have straight hair and they constantly ask me if they can do my hair and straighten it. But I love my 3b curls and I like being unique
Originally Posted by jessicacourtney
I seriously know the feeling. Wanna know why I don't wanna straighten? Because I actually like my curly hair! Shocker I hate my hair straight.
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GOD really loves you. ∞
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I had one friend with 3b hair but she preferred it straightened. My other friend was a 2a, 2b 'on a good day'. Both are gone though, but the one with 2b hair is coming back the following semester this year, so I'm excited! She loved my curls and was always happy to see me wear them out, when everyone else told me it looked better straight.
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I have one friend with super-thick, waist-length, blonde 2B hair. It's freaking gorgeous, but she's not CG- I guess it doesn't require that much care to be happy!

I also have another friend with 3B hair. She's pretty much my only "curly buddy"!

All of my other friends have 1A or 1B hair It's kinda frustrating because they don't understand what it's like to have to actually WORK to have pretty hair!

And while we're on the subject, WHY do people with 1B/1C hair feel the need to flat iron it?!?! So many girls in my grade do this, and I'm like, "YOUR HAIR BARELY HAS A WAVE!!!"
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I dont have any curly friends, but one of my colleagues has long type 2 hair, which would probably be a 3 if she took care of it. She says she just cant be bothered but then complains because its really dry!!

I relaxed my hair for nearly 10 years and only started to get comments (mostly not very nice) about my hair when i stopped relaxing and went back to natural. People at work either stared and said nothing, not even a comment on my change of style (silence speaking volumes?), or were shocked that my hair wasnt straight and 'normal' anymore. I often get stared at in shops, and ive had a few people (mostly teeny girls) actually commenting about it while im within earshot and not in a good way.

This used to bother me a lot, hence the years of straightening in an effort to 'conform'. Now that im a bit older i am happier to just get on with what my genetics have given me, and if other people dont like it, tough tit!
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