Lovely Curly Model on Beauty site

I just wanted to share somethine I saw, when I logged on to lookfantastic dot com today. In their advert for "Look great on your valentines date" ad banner, they have a great looking girl with great looking curls!! I never expected that from a site that promotes GHD so heavily!

Good Job!!!!
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Man they must have changed the banner already Didn't see her.

This site looks pretty hot though, tons of hair stuff!

ETA: Oh I just saw it! Yep, she had sexy curls! Loved how they were blowing in her smiling face!
3a/3b thick coarse WL dark brown hair. CG/Mod CG since: 5/4/05. Current products: Right now my hair is in such a tizzy over this winter weather we are hving that nothing really seems to be working. I need a haircut.
Look fantastic has a curly girl in their banner again. yeah!
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