Trinny and Susannah

I love fashion, and I read books about it all the time. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine just came out with a new book, Trinny and Susannah Take on America. The clothes are great (except that I can't stand fishnets), but the hair part ticks me off, especially in one of the makeovers.

The model was dressing to be sexy, and in the "before" outfit, her hair was long and looked naturally curly. The authors described it as "a head full of gunky products." In the "after" outfits, the model had straight hair, and it was described as "product-free, flowing hair." How could they have gotten it straight without products?

Plus, some of the models had curls in the "after" looks, but all those curls looked like they were created with curling irons.

I spent half my life fighting my curls, and now that I've discovered how great natural curls can look, I can't stand it when I see makeovers that take natural curls straight. I did see a couple of makeovers in which the women learned how to set their curls with lotion and clips for definition, and I loved those.
"There is such a thing as natural beauty, but every woman needs a little help to bring it out."

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