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Hi all! I've been cg for a few years, and I'm starting to get tired of my curly hair. I still think it's beautiful but I want a change. I don't want to damage my hair by relaxing it. I'm just not sure what to do with it? Has anyone gotten tired of cg? Any suggestions on how to get out of this rut? Thanks all!

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I use cute headbands and flowers sometimes. Or I'll slick the front and leave the rest curly. My hair is short so I'm limited. I also use scarves and hats. Thinking about getting it pinned into a french roll

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I dyed my hair n still regret it, I straightened it for a while n had to chop off all the damage from heat n coloring , my hair was so healthy n long but I got bored I regret it til today cuz I had to chop off a lot n it became porous as well , but good news is that I started french braiding it, it looks completely different some ppl think it's straight , but cute braids helps a lot in change n retaining health of the hair.
Try a roller set! It will take a little investment if you don't already have any rollers. I use plain old plastic ones that I secure with bobby pins and blow dry on a low setting and there isn't any damage to the hair from that. If you buy an electric roller set, you are risking some damage from the heat. If I'm lazy I use sponge rollers and sleep on them, but the result isn't as good. With roller sets I don't bother being cg.

A roller set gives you glamorous waves if it's properly done and lasts up to a week. In winter I do roller sets almost exclusively; when the dewpoint is up I switch to curls and try to be as cg as possible with occasional low poos. I love both looks for different reasons. Check out youtube for ideas on roller sets.
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I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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