...you're not black.

Like Tree54Likes

I've gotten questioned on the thickness of my hair as well. You are right, AT. It makes no sense when it comes to a wig being accepted or less likely to be questioned than your natural hair.

I am not one who offends easy. I am naturally sarcastic but I find it silly that people want to question (and keep pressing) these things. Really, I guess I find it sad that people have a hard time believing something on a person is real. Like Korkscrew said, it is a little like asking someone about their dentures. I don't walk up to women and ask if their boobs are real, or their nails. That's another one I get a lot (nails, not the boobs).
Originally Posted by Fifi.G
Oh man... I get the boobs question a lot. Always in a bathroom, but I've had women ask me who my "doctor" was or if they're real. I'm always caught off guard. I've even had a woman reach out and touch them!! I actually had to slap her hand away, and tell her she was being rude. She then berated me about being selfish and not wanting to tell her who my doctor was until I started to leave the restroom.

I can't believe some people's lack of filter these days. No one thinks before they speak anymore.
Originally Posted by SweetSquatchii
Then there are those people who are too willing to share their business.
I was at a restaurant where a class reunion was going on. A woman a size 0 maybe less was there with triple D cup. She was so proud of her boob job she was going around the room encouraging people to feel. I was horrified someone could act like that in public. Not only was she super skinny but her a$$ was as flat as a washboard so she looked not proportioned.
Originally Posted by adthomas

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Wow, didn't see all the responses...

I agree with nearly everything that has been said; race can give indicators to hair types, but it seems that environment has an even bigger factor. As a white girl, I grew up with a straight haired mom who spent much too much time "controlling" my hair but she never once thought of chemical straightening. A friend from a curly family has never had any major problems due to her parents learning how to care for their own curls (lucky girl) And many white girls fry their hair with bleach--most have grown up with moms bleach their hair. From what I understand, many AA or mixed race women grow up having their moms straightening their in various ways all the way up to chemical relaxers from such an early age they likely have never actually seen their hair in it's undamaged natural state. It seems like these outside influences affect your hair's condition more than the color of your skin. While I don't see a big deal in asking about the products I have chosen, I feel there are many ways to ask without mentioning skin color.

On the boob posts:

I use to work as a fit specialist in a small lingerie boutique. Most women seems to have some sense of modesty--none of the boob job girls had any. Many would brag, tell people to touch the "Feel how real they feel" :x
I had plenty of women comment on my set, at the time I was 130lbs, 32H us sizing--all natural and a huge pain. Many couldn't believe how perky real boobs that size could be--hello, that is what you get when you are wearing the right style, cut, and size bra. I may have to forgo the sexy little bras for huge granny style bras, but my boobs look awesome and I had no back/shoulder pain. I never had anyone try to touch my boobs though, thank goodness. I did basically flash some ladies who just couldn't wrap their minds around what the right bra could do...you do become very comfortable when working as a fit specialist :/

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