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OhSunshinex3 05-06-2013 03:55 PM

Is your hair naturally like that?
I have 3a curls and my hair is short (every curly is about 4 inches long because it's growing out from me having a shaved head). I work in retail and deal with many people every day (usually familiar faces) and normally I get the "Is your hair naturally like that?" and it's usually a GOOD thing. I tell them yes and they look at me like they can't believe it and they tell me how some people would kill to have my curls. I had worked at this store for a year (all while having my head shaved) and then I quit for about ten months but came back. For eight or so of those ten months, I was growing out my hair so the customers were shocked when I came back because they didn't realize that I had such curly hair.

Yesterday, this one woman says to me "I'm still not sure if I like the curls or not." or something like that. And I was confused because normally I get GOOD feedback. And I forget what my response was but we talked about my shaved head and I said something about missing it sometimes but that I liked my hair now. And then she asked the question "Is your hair naturally like that?" and I said "Yes." and she was like "Oh, no. Then I would keep it. I wouldn't cut it off." But I just didn't like how she came at me and said that. It's my hair... why should it matter if you like it or not? I don't know why. Even though her attitude changed once she found out it was natural, it still just bothered me. :/

GoldWaves 06-06-2013 03:52 PM

Um, rude much? That would be the same as me going up to someone's outfit and saying 'I don't like your clothes'. Unbelievably rude!
I wouldn't worry about snobs like that (probably envy, to be honest), I'm always getting people asking me if my hair is natural too because lots of people wish they had curls.

Keihs 06-08-2013 04:37 AM

That's kinda like asking if someone's nose is really like that...

OhSunshinex3 06-10-2013 09:42 PM

I agree with you both!

Korkscrew 06-11-2013 04:29 PM

You know, it could be that she thought you were wearing a wig because the last time she saw you, you were bald and she might have assumed your natural hair would be straight or wavy. Maybe that's why she gave you a negative reaction (she thought it was an obvious looking wig).

Either way, she gets a couple points for honestly, but then she loses those point because she lacked tact ;)

OhSunshinex3 06-20-2013 04:20 PM

I think she might have thought I curled it everyday. But you never know! Lol.

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