Anti-Curl messages in Allure Magazine

When I read the following, it really burned me up. Instead of getting mad, I'll nominate this excerpt for the Hall of Shame:

"Pam's hair is not the best. She has not been introduced to a good blow-dry. All she can do is scrunch her naturally curly hair. She has five-minute hair. That's all the effort she's going to make in the morning."
-- Jenna Fischer on her character from tv's The Office.

That little interview appeared just a few pages before a tutorial on achieving straight hair! *sigh* Anyone else annoyed by this?
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5 minute hair???? FIVE MINUTES?????????????? Someone needs to video one of us trying to sort our curls in the morning and show this idiot just how long it can take to get curls to behave! My hair looks ridiculous if I try to straighten it, apart from the time I had TR, and yet people insist I should try to blow dry it straight.

This is plain ignorance. People think we just "leave it curly" if we dont wear it straight, out of wonder curlies get labelled as unprofessional and frivolous if thats what people think.
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But then again, too few to mention...
I just picked up this month's Allure and I cringed when I saw that too.
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That is shameful. I just read on AOL's front page last night that 'big hair' is out and smooth side parts are in. So tell me, how many times has curly hair been grouped into the 'big hair' catagory, and how long before AOL starts with the curl-bashing again?
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Ugh - do straighties get bashed for lazily 'leaving' it straight? No. And people think it's crazy to read into something being called an inferior hairtype.

Just like in this month's Seventeen - there's an article on somebody who has perfect hair that, guess what?? is flawlessly straight. :x If she even has a tiiiiiiiinnny natural wave, she flat-irons it, and she uses frizz-ease. And believe me, this girl has very little if any natural wave - but she uses a flat iron anyway. Like curls are just so awful she's into prevention.

What can I expect from a magazine run by that Atoosa woman? She is in serious curlie denial herself, and needs to STOP WRECKING MY MAGAZINE.

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All she can do is scrunch her naturally curly hair and she has five minute hair? Well SHOOT good for her! Talk about a simple hair routine that gets you out of the house early to start the day! I rather have a 5 minute hair routine than sit for an hour and a half painfully blow drying my hair, only for it to look like I was electrocuted.
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Most of the reason I have wanted straight hair is because its so much work to have curly hair. What is she talking about?
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If it really does only take her 5 mins... then lucky her!

Maybe she has been 'introduced' to a 'good blow dry', but maybe her curls look better than straight hair, didn't take hours of frying into submision, and don't start to look crap the moment a drop of water enters the air?
That makes me mad that Jenna would say that, I really like the office and I've always admired Pam's hair.
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