Rape jokes in fg

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I was watching family guy (I have no idea why) and then I remembered why I stopped watching it in the first place, sooo many horrible rape jokes, in the earlier seasons it was more random like the aqua man "joke" but I watched an episode from season 12 that had like 3 or 5 rape jokes, and they seemed more serious and hateful, no wonder so many sexual assaults happen in university when some guys have grown up with this show
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Superzero, I've never seen fg, but I agree completely with your post. Rape isn't funny, ever. If I come across that show by chance and there is a rape joke in it, I will call the station and complain.

Thanks for posting.
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I do not like family guy because the men are frequently in or discussing gay situations and that is something I would rather not watch on a regular basis. I do know that the sex addict character on there (Quagmire?) does frequently also talk about taking unwelcomed liberties with females.
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I don't watch that either. I found that its humor appealed to socially stunted people with a lack of regard & empathy for lgbtq folks and women.
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Quagmire is a rapist and has drugged women in episodes. I like Brian the dog and Stewie's interaction. However Peter and Lois gross me out. I agree that the show is more bathroom humor and appeals to the emotionally stunted.

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The Simpsons? Really? I've seen jokes that deal with homosexuality innuendo but never rape.

I actually like some of the South Park episodes but I definitely see how that show is pushing the limit and not always in a good way.

I find that Seth McFarlane and his shows are a grown up version of a 14 year-old boy's humor. He doesn't really use wit as much as he throws what makes most people uncomfortable or disgusted in their faces. I think that is what makes his shows different from The Simpsons and even South Park with its grossness seems to be written by people who use more brain power. I used to love American Dad but the shady scenarios turn me off.

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South Park, family guy, the simpsons, cleveland show etc.. All made rape jokes. They're stupid shows but some(allot actually, the shows are pretty popular) stupid people like stupid humor. I'm one of them, ironic because rape triggers me. But they're cartoons, so it bothers me less. Even though all of the cartoons offended me at some point, lots of episodes are so funny/actually spreads a good message so I forgive them. I forgave South Park already when they made the stick of truth game(plenty of disgusting rape jokes).

I'd certainly avoid all those shows if I was a sensitive person, that's for sure.

Offtopic but I wonder why south park didnt make fun of pewdiepie? I thought they're making fun of everything and everyone? I guess pewds gave big money to mr stone and parker
Originally Posted by noodly
I don't think the simpsons make rape jokes, if they do I've never heard one, it's pretty pg
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I've never seen a male on female rape joke on South Park either, but if someone has evidence to the contrary, I'll watch it (and feel sick).




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They(the simpsons) just made a rapejoke together with family guy.

And Claudine, pewdiepie is basically the most subscribed youtuber evar (32 mil subs). I beg you not to subscribe to him though!
Originally Posted by noodly
I don't think the matt wrote that joke though, that's a fg jokes for sure
Oh, I won't. I never subscribe to anything there other than tutorials from posters I like here.

And here goes the shred of hope I clung to.......
Why rape jokes are killing South Park Scottish Socialist Youth
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Ugh that's horrible, I grew up on the simpsons, I can't believe they sunk to his level, rape jokes are NEVER funny because the have a negative effect on everyone, not just women
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The episode I watched was quaqmire being kidnapped and turned into a sex slave, at the end I thought he was going to say "I've learned that rape is horrible and not a joke" nope he said "what I've learned is I need to be the kinky one in the relationship" like seriously? They make rape seem like a big joke.
I don't think it would be a stretch to say seth hates or strongly dislikes women

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Or maybe Seth has some unexplored gay tendencies that come out in that disgusting way because he's repressing them. Or he may just hate women and feel inadequate around certain men.

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I'm not normalizing rape jokes, I'm just trying to reason why a stupid show like family guy shouldn't bother you:

1. Rape isn't worse than murder(they're similair in so many ways, victims both lose control over their own bodies and that in itself is the worst thing ever), yet allot of people make jokes about death / dead people or use it for video games as entertainment. Its hypocritical to not care about that, because aggressive video games played by insane aggressive humans can actually be a motive to kill someone.
2. Family Guy, South Park, the Simpsons, etc... aren't art from the heart, its just 97% marketing 3% art. So don't take anything seriously what they say or animate, they believe none of their ********. Seth or whatever his name is cant think for himself and only loves the gold. All "adult cartoons" are similar, change the channel and especially skip adult swim and comedy central to avoid disgusting jokes.

I hate and love twisted humor so for me, I'll proceed watching family guy and other bs cartoons.
Originally Posted by noodly
Is rape really worse than murder? A lot of women are raped and then murdered and the women who survive can become pregnant, have an sti, have ptsd and a whole list of other problems, at least murder victims had their suffering ended.
And just because a show is mostly for marketing doesn't excuse is content, and we should be asking why if a show is being used for marketing is it ok to have so many hostile jokes aimed at women? Not all adult cartoon are similar, do you think in futurama fry would have sex with his dad? It happened in family guy, some adult shows are more pg, and I don't want to have to avoid certain shows because they attack my gender, I would rather the "jokes" stopped then having to tip toe around that stupid show, and yes you are normalizing rape jokes because we live in a rape culture
I have never been a big fan of these shows but once I was watching an episode of South Park and they had a party with child molestors and their little boy boyfriends. I don't offend easily and I don't think I'm super uptight pc type but I was p'ed off. I didn't finish watching it because I don't find sexually abusing a child funny in a cartoon or not. I refused to watch that show for years but then someone told me they make fun of everything and everyone and according to him that particular episode ended with justice being served. I started watching again and the racist, religious, political jokes didn't bother me. I thought it was funny. But sexual abuse, nope.
I did lose respect when they pulled that episode about Mohammed. I mean how many times have the made fun of Jesus, Jews, Catholics ect. I guess everyone isn't fair game.
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I would rather beat the crap out of the bully, if you ignore them they go after someone else, and unfortunately shows like family guy will continue to be popular because of the shock value they have
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And has anyone noticed that they almost never make fun of frat boys? Thats probably the majority of viewers and we all know how most frat boys think about rape, I think fg shouldn't be allowed to normalize rape because it inevitably leads to the assumption that rape isn't serious and that really scares me, as a woman and a survivor of sexual assault I believe we are not being protected, there is no trigger warning before an episode and no rules that say he can't make rape cartoons, it's really upsetting that steps aren't being taken to prevent him from participating in rape culture and conditioning young men to think rape is a joke

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