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Did anyone see this show on last night on the WB 11 network?

Basically they were giving all the girls make overs for a new look. There was this one girl with very nice 3c type hair I think. And of course they straighten her hair because that was a more "chic sexy sleek look for her" and you know what her hair looked awful!

They didnt even do a good job on straigtening it! You can tell that it got puffy and wavy after a while. And you can sort of tell that she didnt like it!

one day at a time..
Most of those girls have had the life straightened out of their hair and it looks greasy and limp and it is in their faces. One girl I saw last night had lovely curls and I think it was curled. She looked amazing.
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yeah i agree, you mean the girl with the big curly hair, it has highlights right? love her hair!
one day at a time..

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