My story

So me and my sister both have naturally curly hair except shes a 3B and im a 2B so very different. Anyways we both have always gotten alot of slack for it she was always called poodle head etc. and i just looked like a had messy straight hair for most of my childhood. My family always makes me angry because they either say my sister has the beautiful hair or that she has "afro head" and sometimes i get told i am lucky for not having hair as crazy as hers or im told im lucky for having "the good kind" of curls.. so we just cant please anybody! luckily our parents aren't like that and my mom ( a straightie) says she'd kill for either of our curls haha rant over and ps if your curious i have pictures of both of us in my fotki. Thanks for listening
Oh and one time my cousin told me she loves my sisters hair but not mine cuz mines just poofy.. wtf?

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