hurtful comments people've made about your hair

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This one didn't hurt since I know the guy well enough, and he has gone bald at age 20. And admittedly, this was before I learned not to use glycerin in high humidity...

I'd been redoing my place, and it involved a lot of electrical work among other things. Everyone knew about my ongoing chaos of renovation and wiring. Amidst all this I'd gone to the hairdresser, and I let her flat iron it since I can never be bothered to straighten it myself. I bump into this guy, who has only seen me with wavy hair with varying degrees of explosive, stuck-my-finger-in-a-socket, high-humidity frizz. He looks at my straight hair and smirks, "I guess you finally hired a professional to do your electrical work".
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I was in a local Target sometime around last Sept/Oct.

I was still trying to figure out my hair and was using regular shampoo and conditioner, brushing (ack) scrunching and air drying. This led to a weak wave pattern and quite a bit of frizz.

These 2 teen-age African American girls walked up to me, one pointed right to my face and said 'oo, there go a witch', while her friend laughed maniacally, then she turned on her heel and sashayed away like she was Ru-Paul. How ruuuude.

I wanted to cry. As a multi-racial woman of color living in NY, I've put up with A LOT of crap. for some reason, those 2 mean girls sent me reeling back to H.S.
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The worst thing anyone has ever said to me was freshman year. I have 3B/sometimes 3A curls, (and at the time as much hair as Bellatrix Lestrange), and one girl said, "out of everyone in this room, I would pick you last if I had to trade hair. Your curls are so gross, anyone who leaves their hair that way just doesn't know how to take care of it." I made it through that class, then I (I am ashamed to say) went into the bathroom and cried for half of my next class.

Now I'm a junior, and I still hear little comments here and there, like "have you ever heard of frizz resistant shampoo?" and stuff, but it's died down a lot.
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My 'friend' told me that my hair was frizzy and un-tamed and also said that I should brush my teeth EVEN though she knows that I have a tooth problem which cause a white patch on the front of one of my front teeth and my hair isn't that frizzy, only type 2b/c and it looked good that day............
I'm in freshman year of high school, and the worst I've had are..
In 6th grade, this guy ditting behind me threw me a scrunched up ball of paper during class. I look around me, and see him mouthing "read it!" with a big smirk on his face. I open the piece of paper and see a little drawing girl with a humungus afro on her head, written under it is "ew whats that standing on top of your head??" ughhh like i wasnt insecure about it enough..

and I had this "Friend" that I really dont like, and last year we were pretty close tho. shed be like OMG your hair is just like my dog's! her dog is a poodle -.- and shed make these little cracks like "move i cant see the teacher all your hair is blocking my view!!"

I remember in like 4th grade a girl that was in the grade above me once said "if youd straighten your hair, all the guys would be after you" I was like wtf?? are you trying to compliment me?? youre not doing a good job at it..

oh and i always get the "have you ever straightenend your hair before? omg you should try it one day.."
Oooh yeah and I remmeber last year.. it was valentines day actually, so exactly a year ago (8th grade)...

the girl i wrote about (the "friend") made the most hurtful comment i think i ever heard in my life...
we were in the auditiorium the whoole afternoon, and she wasa a couple rows behind me, and so in our auditorium the farther back you go, the higher you go too (movie theatre?). so she was behind me and had a clear view of the back of my head. then, after the big show, she came and joined me and was like "Omg! i was just sitting down and behind me i heard these two girls making fun of your hair they were like "oooh look at her hair its so ugly and big and deformed ewww" but thats ok cuz i LOVE your hair!!" while touching my hair and smiling the biggest freakin smile in the world. i ran away crying and gave her the silent treatment for about 5 days. UGHHHH!
I got my first relaxer when I was 9 or 10, and my hair couldn't handle it and broke off at the roots. I remember at Blockbuster, 2 straight-haired girls whispering "look at her hair, holy michael jackson!" (I love MJ but they obviously meant it as an insult) and being a chubby ugly duckling going through puberty AND insecure about wanting straight long hair but ending up with a super short mini fro, it crushed me

I'm in college now and have been growing out my relaxer for almost 2 years (which wasn't hard since I usually got it relaxed twice a year) and have recently put down the flat iron and blow dryer. I've been getting compliments (from girls AND guys) for the last few days and it feels great!

Also, the most extreme reaction to my hair was when I was actually refused a haircut. The stylist claimed cutting my "thick, coarse hair" dry would ruin her precious scissors. She hadn't even FELT my hair, I was pretty pissed off.

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the comments i've gotten are usually when i straighten my hair, which is very rare, especially right now because one of my resolutions this year has to not straighten my hair for at least 6 months, and so far we're going on two months and my hair has never looked healthier!
but usually i've gotten comments like, "oh you're hair looks so pretty today, you should straighten it more often it looks great like that". which to me says, "you're hair doesn't look very good when it's curly, so please take the hour and a half out of your day to straighten it"
i've also gotten comments from friends and other random people who have straightened their hair and when it gets humid or something they will say, in front of me, "oh no! my hair is now going to get all curly and ugly and nasty!" and i'm just standing there like, "uuhhh okay? thanks?"
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Out of love, my dad used to call me "tumble-weed" when I was little and back then I obviously didn't know how to take care of my hair so it was always really big and poofy, lol! I know its not a negative comment but I always thought it was atleast humorous....I didn't understand what it was as a child which is the funniest part
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Believe it or not it really hurts me when people say they want to see me with straight hair. I'm in nursing school and right in the beginning a girl in my class said this to me. I knew she had curly hair too, but hers was chemically processed to look as straight as straight hair gets. I told her that if she wasn't confident enough to wear her hair in its God given form and felt the need to blend with the crowd, that was ok with me and I wouldn't as her to do otherwise. I barely knew her at the time, and honestly had no interest in getting to know someone so superficial and rude.
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Teri Laflesh's book "Curly Like Me" sits on my desk and everytime I get frustrated and an impulse tells me to shave my head, I look at it in hopes that one day my hair will graze the top of my butt.

Oh, where to begin. When I was 11, my hair was long and what can only be called an afro. This girl used to pick on me and call me 'Bush' since my hair looked like a big bush.

Then when I went to college I had a roommate who told me that wearing my hair curly made it look like I took no pride in my appearance and just did the bare minimum of beauty. That made me start straightening my hair. It wasn't until just recently that I realized how jealous she probably was that she had to curl hers with a curling iron and I had mine naturally.

On a few of my picture ID's I have curly hair and when I'd wear it straight, occasionally I'd have people go, "Oh, you look much better with straight hair."

It's amazing how much your hair impacts you, isn't it?
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Yeah, a guy in Highschool called me Chubaka(from star wars) This was before I even knew my hair was curly. I would brush it,and have these huge waves. I didn't like it either, but come on, that's just hurtful!
At work I was talking to a group of "friends" about my upcoming interview for a promotion, and the first thing out of one girl's mouth was "You should definitely straighten your hair for it." I realise that she was trying to be helpful, since she thought straight hair would look more professional, but I still thought it was pretty rude.
In any case, I wore my hair curly and the interview went really really well!
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I had my hair called rats nest and all my papi says to me is dont you ever brush your hair my dad back in the days had a jerricurl hes darkskinned so it went well on him anyways so he knows about pomade and all that and gel so when i tell him i cant brush it because it makes it worse he looks at me like im crazy and he thinks he knows everything about my hair and it fustrates me to no end but i havnt really had any bad comments and lots of people love my hair becuz its so soft i tell them try not to touch it cuz it makes it really frizze but i let them bcuz i enjoy the attentionXD
But it really made me self consious about my hair cuz i got those comments when i was still really little and i would pray for straight hair like my moms but she would always tell me she wished she had my hair oh and one time when i was like 9 my dad did a relaxer on my hair and i fell in love but now i love my curlyness
Throughout high school I straightened my hair almost everyday.
One day I did not straighten my hair and I was hanging out with this really 'hot' boy from my math class. Things were going well and we were having a great time until my bun started to fall out.
I took out my pony-tail holder and my natural hair was down for a moment.
He made a disgusted face and asked me what kind of animal was living on my head and told me I should straighten my hair everyday because I looked better.
He never called me again.
When I saw him in the hallways with curly hair he would ignore me but when it was straightened he would approach me.
I ended up finding someone better, someone who prefers curlies (and we have been together 3 years!!) and he ended up with a straight haired girl.
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Im always being told my hair looks like a nest, especially since the hair at the back of my neck tends to knot every since my sister did a relaxer. I've also gotten a lot of suggestions to get dreadlocks...
The one thing that annoys me the most is when people throw small things into my hair and laugh when it gets tangled instantly. Seriously its the last year of HS, act a bit mature.
I remember being called "Orphan Annie". About 5 years ago when I was a corrections officer, I mostly kept my hair french braided, but once I had it cut in a short bob & wore it curly to work. An officer told me it looked I'd stuck my finger in a light socket! Of course, being the old bat I am, I told him my hair looked better than that stupid caterpillar crawling on his upper lip! The inmates called me the officer with the fluffy hair! The African American inmates offered to braid it for me! I told them that looked too painful to me! When I had to go to the womens' prison to work one day, & had it in a banana clip, I got asked if that was my real hair.
People have made all kinds of comments on my hair, most of them not really hurtful. When I was little, my nickname at after school care was Poofy Head. I didn't take offense to it, they called me that simply because as soon as i got to school every day I would take my hair out of the tight curly ponytail my mom always put it in and it would BLOW UP, which irked and yet entertained me to no end.
The only truly hurtful thing anybody has ever said about my hair was this one time when a guy in my grade called my hair *****. I ignored him, but one time I was complaining to a guy friend of mine about it and he laughed and said "Well your hair DOES look like *****!" And he still sometimes says that. People also always tell me they like my hair straight better blah blah. I love my curly hair because it sets me apart from the norm and gives me some freaking personality, rather then being flat, dull, and boring.
I just cut my 3C-4A curls from about halfway down my back to about 6 inches all around. (It shrinks up to about 2-3 inches.) I love it!

However, an old family friend (whom I don't think has ever cut her gray waves which are always up in a bun) said, "I noticed your hair was so short. What happened!?"

She made it sound like I had some sort of horribly disfiguring accident with the scissors.

I just said, "It's easier to take care of and I'm spending less money on conditioner," and then walked away.
(I've finally reached that "whatever" stage of my life, that I don't let what other people think influence what I do with my hair...)

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Just yesterday I was in the bathroom at work 'finger brushing' the ends of my hair. I like to separate the curls at the ends to give my hair some fullness...anyhow, my 'friend' walked in and saw me doing that and says, "you wouldn't have to do that if you used a brush sometimes." Then she followed up with, "you do actually brush your hair, right?" OMG! I was so miffed that I did a big huffy breathe at her (ala Junie B. Jones) and swiftly walked out of the bathroom. HER hair is about three inches all over, with a slight mullet shape AND it is as flat as a pancake and sticks to her head. She just wishes she had our CURLS!
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In high humidity: a dime/nickle size of gel lightly scrunched on the canopy. FINALLY I found a way that doesn't kill my hair volume.

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