hurtful comments people've made about your hair

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I got the "your hair looks like pubic hair" too, by a guy with curly hair no less Later that day I walked up behind him and open fist slapped his back (this was not recent, I was like 14 lol). He had a hand print shaped welt for a few days, I think we are even now lol.
Originally Posted by OperaDiva

OMG! I had a maile friend say the same thing to me maybe 3months ago, and actually had the nerve to lift up his shirt to compare!

People are crazy.
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My mother and her parents would go crazy over my wavy locks. They would constantly brush it to get wave out, which lead to extremely brittle hair. It just looked like a complete mess.

I've gotten asked if I owned a brush by many, many people. Mostly family and people who just want to pick fun at me. I even get it from the very few curlies in my family. They all straighten their hair to no end, and I'm the only one that leaves their hair free and natural.

I had left my hair natural one time to pick up somethings that my mother wanted for dinner, and there was a little girl behind me with her mother. The little girl, whom had slick straight hair, asked her mother why my hair was like that. She told her daughter that that's what happens when you never brush your hair, and no one should have hair like that. It made me pretty upset, since I'm really sensitive about my hair.

Right now, it kind of got out that I don't use shampoo, because I follow the CG meathod. I've gotten nasty text messages saying I'm dirty because I don't use shampoo. This boggled me, since my head never smells, nor is it ever greasy.

That's pretty much all the curl bashing I've gotten. The people I hang out with now all love curly hair, due to most of them being curlies themselves. It's nice to have them around, because they've gone through similar situations so they know how to give me support. Even my mother has come to accept my curls, especially after going CG. She says it's probably one of the best things I've done for myself.
I've had a lot of comments about my hair over the years, but here's the one that gets to me the most...

I was in a hair salon for a cut, and the stylist said, "You have to let us relax your hair before you go out. We can't let you be seen leaving here with your hair looking like a mop."

And because I was an insecure teenager, I agreed. I am STILL growing it out - and terrified that my natural ringlets won't come back properly

I don't think you should be a hair stylist if you're only prepared to deal with one type of hair texture. Beautiful hair does not necessarily mean straight hair! Grrrrr.
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There are so many ignorant people in this world that should keep their comments to themselves. My hair is a 4a, 4b and my daughter's hair is a 3a, 3b and a cashier had the nerve to say my daughter's hair look better than mine. It was embarrassing but I had to ignore her and asked her in a angry tone was my food ready. She looked like she knew she said the wrong thing to me, but I was not going to act stupid with her. I love my hair and no one is going to make me feel like I have the worst hair in the world.
Originally Posted by napster
Welcome to my world! Same criteria here and I get this comment on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. People ALWAYS compliment her 'curls' and how pretty they are, then look at me like where did she get it from. It's very annoying and pretty mean.

On my natural journey I've come to the conclusion that people just suck! But reading this post and seeing how it's not just 4a's that get the criticism is very eye BFF always says 'it's just hair' but it's clearly not!
Oh the typical comments from me. I bunned it and ponytailed it for young adolescence.
I straightened it for a long time. One day I straightened it in tenth grade and suddenly a bunch of boys started paying attention to me. I loved it! Than a friend suggested that mybe they were only interested because of my straight hair, which offended me, I thought "WTF? They only like me cause of my fake hair?" Eventually I stopped straightening it beginning of senior year because it was so fried I had to chop it nearly all off to get regrowth.
Since, Ive just decided to let it do its thing. And Im so much happier. Its long, and healthy and I do actually get compliments from it! Of course Im always learning more (with lots of help from this blog).
HAHA actually it was really cool. I had my hair straight about 2 months ago for my boyfriends birthday, and I wore it to work that way. No one mentioned anything. A few weeks later a co worker said "I just LOVE your curls, I wish I had them."
Lately, I get more compliments for the curl than against it. And if I do get a negative, I just brush it off and say "I like my curls."
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To be honest you just can't win with everyone. Some people will like your hair some people wont. Or they just really jealous of your gorgeous locks! It sounds to me like those people in school were definately jealous of you, because you had different hair, thats not dead straight, it has character to it and I think that made some people angry. Let them get on with it because us curly girls are gifted. Our hair may not be perfect but its what we have to live with at the end of the day.
Interesting thread which I can relate to strongly. Being a natural redhead myself, I have been at the receiving end of all sorts of bigotry and prejudice over the years. But in a funny sort of way, it has made me a more confident and stronger person. I now feel empowered by my long luscious locks, and have the ability to brush off criticism without a second thought. It hasn't always been this way (of course). Sometimes people do not know how to take you or they have preconceived ideas on how you are supposed to look. The most important thing to realise is that it is not what others think about you that really counts, it is how you feel about yourself that matters!


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i didnt start wearing my hair curly until recently and i made sure that i knew exactly how to keep it in control. so i mostly just got compliments
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cUrl CRazED
hello my dear friends there is very interesting topic about our hairstyle.instead it is for boy and girl everyone has their own way to produce frond of this world and as you all know that the personality of person should depend upon their dressing sense,their way of talking and most imp thing their hairstyle so be concentrate on your hairstyle.
keep rocking this world.
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Many people have told me when I wore my hair natural that my hair looks like a Lion... hence my forum name
I'm still transitioning from my 5-year period of straightening my hair every day, so my hair is really dry and brittle still. And, who knows how long it's been since someone besides ME cut my hair... So it's safe to say my curls aren't at their full potential.

It wasn't really hurtful, because it came from someone I don't take seriously anyway.
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recently chopped off about 4" - HOW LIBERATING!!! Learning to love my hair again instead of hating it for being a knotty mess.
Oh, I know that feeling -.-

People at my school are pretty nice since we all grew up together, but when grade 4 hit, my straight hair went curly.

My friends say that my hair causes tornados, and LOTS AND LOOOTS of jokes stem from it, so I can't state them all without running out of space. My friends make fun of it which I don't mind, but then it really hurt when this guy I barely know said it looked like grown in an awkward place, which I won't say exactly, since it's not appropriate for this site. (it starts with a p).
THANKFULLY, my bff came to my rescue.

Also, people are forever telling me to keep my hair straight or telling me how to fix it. ):
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One of my 'friends' in junior high-high school would call me "Medusa" whenever I wore my hair curly.

And this isn't exactly an insult I received, but I used to be in a sorority, and one of the things myself and all of the girls in my house prided ourselves on was how diverse we were. But then, whenever we would have to do important things where we were representing the house we were required to have our hair perfectly straight. I understand the need to look somewhat uniform, and the wish for everyones hair to look beautiful and silky smooth, etc. But for a house that loves diversity so dearly I was extremely upset that we couldn't show off the diversity of our hair (one of a woman's best assets, or so I'm told).
apparently..I look fat with curly that even possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Me too!?!?! And old... awesome!!! my brother in law keeps saying "what did you do to your hair?" Rude.

apparently..I look fat with curly that even possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Originally Posted by curlaphile
<<-working my way back to this!!
My hair when I was 17 and had no idea how to flatten it.
It's odd, I always get wonderful comments from adults (especially very old ladies???) and terrible crushing comments from my peers.
I've always had my hair dyed crazy colors, and people have always referred to me by my hair. "Poodle," "Cruella De Ville," "Pube-head," "Corkscrew," "Frankenstein's Bride," "Skunk" (it was short and dyed in strips of black and blonde at one point), "Jewfro," and the infallible "That girl with the hair." Everyone in my school(s) knew who that meant. I was the girl with the multi-colored jewfro. If somebody who didn't know me wanted to talk to me they'd usually start with "Hey, hair girl!"
My friends liked to walk up and pull on my curls to watch them bounce back, and I had a couple nasty comments from girls in my class about how it made sense that I hung out with a n*gger because we had the same type of hair. FIRST OFF, it was just the most wrong thing I'd ever heard and I'd usually kick their asses for calling Kiki that, and SECOND OFF, our hair was nothing like eachother's. I was in Seattle, for god's sakes, I have no idea where those girls came up with the racist comments. I wore my hair in cornrows sometimes as a show of solidarity for her, although it didn't really work with my hair.
Anyway, the nasty comments have died down a lot since I moved to my new school, which has about 30 students and the principal herself has a huge pile of sproingy yellow curls. Her hair is amazing. I saw it wet once and it went down to her shoulder blades, but when it's dry it's up by her ears.
I went through this yesterday, my friend never comments on how pretty I am (which I'm not, but it's good to have some self confidence), and when I straighten my hair (not even very well) she comments. >.<
A few weeks ago at work a customer had the nerve to tell me that my hair looked "unkempt". I wanted to slap the lady. Or go into detail about how her entire outfit was stuck in the 80s-- in the worst way possible.
So I'm a pretty senstive person. When someone says the wrong thing to me it can literally ruin my day...something I REALLY need to work on.

I'm in my late 20s and I just can't seem to grow out of crying when someone says something mean or is unkind! I mean I'm not the nicest all the time, but I make a note to keep my friggen opinions to myself!

So my aunt is super old fashioned and simply adores relxed hair. I'm pretty hair obsessed myself and enjoy taking care of my hair and making sure it looks it's best at all times. A few weeks ago I got a Brazillian Keratin treatment for my 4a curls to help with some of the kink! I was tired of straightening my hair, and just hated the look of my 4a curls and the friggen WORK it took to maintain them! Now...I'm a 3b in most places and more of a slight wave in the I simply braid my hair at night and then unbraid in the morning..a more curly/wavy summer look. It's still growing on me, but it's EASY! People seem to love it. One little girl asked me if I were part "indian" ( lol@ my black people)...ANYHOO!

Even after all of this, I walk in the door last night and my aunt says to me, "Why dont you do something with your hair...why don't you get a relaxer."

It took EVERYTHING in me to say, "why don't you stop drawing in your eyebrows with the god awful black liner, why don't you condition your hair and style it?"....So many of the women in my family have been relaxing their hair for decades and their hair is THIN THIN THIN...including hers! Why would I do that?

I ended up just walking outside and waiting for my sister to take me home...when she got in the car i started crying and she chastised me for not sucking it up and ignoring my aunt! Why do rude people get a pass, but I have to suck it up? I know my sister is right, but damn...whenever someone hits a nerve all I want to do is run away! If someone is not building me up...I want no part of their company..even if it means killing the whole mood for everyone else. I simply walk out. I can't help it!
((hugs)) Hairguru17! It can be so hard when other people just keep putting you down, even when you know they're wrong. I think you should have just gone ahead with your comeback, you would feel a lot better
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I know it! Oh well, at least I can blog and vent to you all! Curlies unite! lol

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