hurtful comments people've made about your hair

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When this gurl told me tht i should permanently straight my hair coz its pretty -_- umm what is she tryna say? NO.
I was wondering if anyone had people make rude comments about their curly hair that really stayed with them? We can commisserate together! SOrry if this has been done.

I'm 26 now but these comments have stuck with me and given me a really negative image of my hair:

1 Walking down the school bus aisle I overheard one guy say "you know whose hot (referring to me)," guy 2 says "Eww with that huge mass of hair," "guy 1 says "WHo cares just put a bag over her head she has huge..."

2 In JH 1 of my best friends was running her hands through my hair. I asked her to stop saying it messed up my curls and I was having a bad hair day. SHe said "You *ARE* a bad hair day" In HS this same girl said, after I came to school with a temp straight style "YOu should keep it that way...."

3 In JH this boy said my hair felt like "ruberized sheep wool." :x

4 In preshool this girl put mud in my hair. And made some crappy comment that escapes me now.

5 When I was 10 I went shopping w/my grandma who has fine silky hair. WHenever a sales lady waited on us srandma would say "Look what the wind does to our hair"--desperately trying to smooth down my locks. Resistance is futile grandma

6 In hs my boyfriend saw a childhood picture of me. He said "Oh my God yo had a FRO". THere's nothing wrong with fros, but It wasn't anywhere close to a fro. Ignorance, ignorance.

7 In 7th grade a stylist chopped off 3/4 of my long hair when I'd asked for a trim. When I walked in a classroom to deliver a letter, everyone simultaneuosly gasped--DAAAAAAMMMMMN her hair is so frizzy. DAAAAMMMMN.

8 In the locker room in JH the girls would always tell me to get a relaxer.....unsolicited advice.

ANyway, I feel better now. SOrry for the vent. ANy similar experiences?
Originally Posted by lotus
God bless yr memory! Now for the real test - can you remember some of the good things people have said about yr hair.

It doesn't really matter what people say esp high schoolers because if it weren't yr hair, it'd be something else.

I remember some of the really hurtful things that people said to me growing up.

But I get more upset about the fact that I didn't say much & kinda accepted it.

Now I think, damn, I shouldn't have accepted that because it was plain rude & insulting. I can think of 101 great comebacks now after the fact & at the time I couldn't even muster the courage to say one out loud.

Now God help anyone that tries to insult me
The worst comment that still sticks with me today, Is one from junior high.

I wore my hair in pigtails one day, and during gym class the girls behind me called me a dog and barked at me the entire class. I didn't wear my hair like that for years!!

I also dislike that people are always trying to get me to straighten my hair, and when I do they say I should keep it that way. :/
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One thing that really irritates me, is when people talk about "good hair" and "bad hair". I think that it's so ignorant when people consider a certain hair texture as acceptable, and another texture as unacceptable. It's so prejudice! I also hate when people see my hair and act as if they've never seen curly hair before. My hair is NOT a petting zoo, so NO, you can't touch it!
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When I was in like 5th grade a couple years ago this new kid at my school wasn't used to my massive afro of hair (It's not like that anymore... well at least I hope!) so he was like... "Um, you have some.." and then he pointed to my head, talking about my frizz halo. I was just like, "Yeah, i know, it does that." it was so embarrassing my face turned bright red -_-
And all my friends always are telling me to straighten it even though I really don't want to
I just quit doing mean things (straightening, blow drying, dying, etc.) And people are always asking "What happened to your gorgeous hair?!" It hurts a little, but the ones from junior high hurt the most. Those comments made me start mutilating my hair to begin with. Girls would pull my hair and tell me to get it relaxed. they would say, I've never seen a white girl with an Afro before!" and laugh. I still usually keep it in a braid or a bun, but that's just because I'm growing it out. And no one makes comments when it's like that.
And all my friends always are telling me to straighten it even though I really don't want to
Originally Posted by curlygirl_7
You really don't have to and I'm sorry they put that kind of pressure on you. As to your previous comment, I don't believe you meant to be hurtful, but I want to point out that there's nothing inherently bad about a "massive afro" lol (a lot of us consider that quite cool around these parts, whether or not we have them).


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Last Saturday, my aunt said that my curls resembles the tail of her dog..i don't know how to reply to it..guess i was wondering whether it is a compliment or an offensive comment.
I've had several boyfriend tell me they don't like touching my hair, once said it was because it's "like a brillo pad". I've had a lot of mean comments, someone once told me my hair was like pubic hair.
I never really had hurtful comments because my mom rel
I've had people call me nappy town, and make fun of my hair line(weird right). Also some people would put their hands in my hair WITHOUT asking me and say "Oh my hand's stuck." Also everyday this one kid would call my hair ugly, nappy, poof ball and one day I said "You know what my hair is nappy and i'm okay with that." and they stopped calling my hair nappy. People still say I liked you better with relaxed hair or whisper to their friends about it but I've learned to ignore them though some things still get to me like when they say people hair looks like something died in it on mornings when i tried really hard on it.
Is it absurd to get offended when you're in a group with other people, with your curly hair in plain view, and the other people talk about how they can't stand curly hair? Once I was just sitting at a table where someone complained about their waves and curls and I made it known I was there...ahem. Needless to say, they tried to backtrack by saying, "oh no, it looks great-- on YOU." My husband told me once not to take it personally because they might dislike it on themselves. Which is fine, but when you're sitting there slamming how awful curly hair is and I'm right there, I mean I'm not deaf.
I've heard really rude comments about my hair. Why don't I change my hairstyle because it makes me look like a homeless person to "maybe you should get a head transplant" it's not like I WANT to keep this hairstyle. I just can't seem to control it
Honestly some of the most hurtful things to me are what people don't say, namely my family. My family has not said a single nice thing to me since I started CG. In fact, they've said nothing at all. When I bring it up, they change the subject! I've blow dried and straightened my hair since I was in 8th grade (since 2000). My hair was stick straight till I hit puberty and since then I just thought I had really frizzy awful hair. My mom and my sisters all have been straightening for years. Now I'm trying to break out of that unhealthy cycle and it hurts that no one will even pretend to be happy for me. It hurts my morale because my hair has always been something I got complimented on and now it rarely happens. Thank goodness my SO has been really supportive, because this transitioning period has been kind of hard for me, dealing with all the frizz and feeling bad about the way I look. But I can tell it's getting healthier every day and that makes it easier to keep going.

And especially thank goodness for this supportive community of curlies!!
When this gurl told me tht i should permanently straight my hair coz its pretty -_- umm what is she tryna say? NO.
Originally Posted by Neirelle
LOL she is a sad, brainwashed by the media, soul
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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Last Saturday, my aunt said that my curls resembles the tail of her dog..i don't know how to reply to it..guess i was wondering whether it is a compliment or an offensive comment.
Originally Posted by AmberNguyen
with all due respect, if you send me a picture of her I am sure I can say that she will resemble an animal too, because remember that humans are animals as well.
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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Just about today someone told me my curly hair looks like weaves -__-
Originally Posted by Neirelle
I HATE these comments the most. I was rocking a braid out once and a woman came to me and said "Your hair is so nice. Can I get the name brand of the hair you bought?" She pulls out paper and pen. Then I said "Sure. Its color #1 produced by Me Incorporared" I laughed and walked away but the lady didn't get it.

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Originally Posted by pinkwolf
LOL!! I honestly laughed out loud.. Brilliant and hilarious, you go girl!!
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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I randomly straightened my hair earlier last week...all I heard was "doesn't she look so cute with straight hair" "you should straighten your hair all the time" "i love your hair like this"

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Originally Posted by DepressedCurls
This world is filled with ignorance and people with no sense of style. Do not fall victim to their comments. Do not even think twice about rocking your natural hair. You have a ton of fans and I am one of them
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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I was pretty lucky because of the kind of people I grew up around loved my insane curls. It made me pretty confident. Someone once told me I looked like merideth from brave. Lol.

In junior high I never straightened my hair and one of the girls asked if they could straighten it at lunch. I grudgingly agreed and afterwards everyone was telling me how gorgeous it was and telling me I should straighten it in the mornings. I'm pretty sure I just gave them a dirty look and said I'd rather sleep for an hour than spend it on my hair. No one seemed to get that it was insulting.

Another time in jh a boy in two grades above me (which made him intimidating to me) told me on the bus that he thought I had a bird in my hair. I didn't reply and was glad a had that much hair to hide my red face!

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