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I've started to wear my hair curly more often and yesterday I went to see my Gran she said she loved my hair and it really suits me my first Curly compliment in a while...
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I get complimented on my curly hair all the time now that I know how to style it right!!

My friends always stare at my hair and tell me how jealous they are that I have such "beautiful, fun curls" They then proceed to play with it.

They even take a curl and declare that this is "Their favorite curl." Oddly enough, there were fight over who got what.


This one guy even told me that my hair was so interesting. (And it wasn't in an insulting way.) He said it looked "So cool!"

People say positive things about your hair when you're positive about it yourself. Whenever someone brings up my hair, I just laugh, run my hands through it, and smile.
My favorite compliment was from a lady waiting in the pharmacy line at a grocery store. It made me feel so great since she went out of her way to say she thought I had such fun hair. My fiance tells me all the time how he loves my curls which I love but there's just something about hearing it from someone who don't know. It makes me feel like I'm not crazy for styling your hair. Slowly realizing that the most important compliments come from myself in the morning though, as cheesy as that sounds. Gotta rock them curls! Secretly hate when people say "people would kill for that hair" because all people should learn how to rock their own hair.
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hahahh! IM SO EXCITED!!

Ok, so first modified-cg comments.

I got new shampoo - burts was AMAZING!

But anyways I use it for the first time and I loved how my hair came out but I tied it up in a bun since I was hiking. So anyways the next day Im waiting in the salon to get my eyebrows waxed and there was the sweetest blonde lady sitting next to me with short blonde hair. I reached over to grab and look at an updo book (yah Im thinking about prom already)...but as Im leaning to grab it she goes " I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!"

It made me feel soo good!

She sat there and told me how she's always wanted dark curls and her daughter was born with them and she was soooo jealous!! It was awesome.

Then I went to get my brow wax from the same one who abuses my curls by chopping them off and such. I commented on her curls because I never knew she was a curly and then she fires comments right back at me!!

The best was second day hair. I pine-appled it over night and just scrunched in a little gel in the morning!!!
Should get you to my fotki, if not tell me:****ango/


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I clean with: burt's bees pomegranate or giovanni tea trea, or baking soda rinse
co-wash:Suave naturals aloe
conditioner:same or suave naturals coconut or burts bees pomegranate conditioner
styler:Herbal essences body envy gel or garnier fructise spray curl gel. Plus soft and sheen(think it's called) oil treatment
My curly hair has never been made fun of.
Which is why I think it's strange that I here about all these curl bashing stories.

I started wearing my hair curly in 7th grade (I'm in 9th now.) And that 1st week I got three from a girl(That same girl actually started playing with one of the ringlets. I didn't even notice it until someone else asked her what she was doing. She's a weirdo...and straight to. XD) and the other two from my female teachers. friends pick through my hair finding there favorite's awkward.
I wore my hair curly today and I got three and half compliments. Two guys and a girl asked me if I was going out after work; they said they like my new do. And this other girl asked what I did to get my hair like that, so I'm taking that as a compliment. I felt so special.
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I got a compliment from a complete stranger tonight! My first one, I think. I was in the hair isle at Wal-Mart, and there was a woman buying conditioner. She had nice straight hair. I was looking at a new product I want to try, and she told me I had beautiful hair! She said she used to get perms to try to get her hair to look like that, but she's wearing it straight now, and it looked very nice!
And today, I used a new gel that smells like very strong perfume! But it seems to work ok.
3A, medium fine. Currently avoiding shampoos, 'cones, 'xanes and sulfates. Hair length - a bit beyond BSL. Mostly CG since July 2, 2008.
I haven't been around for a while because I've been too busy but I have to post the compliments I'm getting because my hair is just thriving on CG method.

I lost my job a while ago and I kept applying to new jobs and getting interviews but nobody hired me. I straightened my hair (iron) for the interviews and I was still not getting hired. I finally told my boyfriend it was probably because I was wearing my hair straight . So, I went to my last interview as a CG and they called me 20 minutes later to say I was hired.

Since then I have had nothing but compliments on my hair. Today I was out buying books and the girl who checked me out said "OH my I love your hair". And my co-workers also love my loose curls. I get copmliments almost every day from my hair, even from my bosses wife. It's amazing.

I am staying CG for my whole life!!
Type: Very Soft 3b w/ 3a/3c thrown in
CG: May 18, 2008
Natural: Oct 2007

Qhemet's O&H
Giovanni SS & TT
Flaxseed Gel!

Banned: Suave, VO5, Excessive Oils
I was blown away today when my daughter, a true style connoisseur, told me my hair looks "really curly and pretty" today. And then, my husband who doesn't even notice when I get a haircut... said "yeah, it looks really pretty." These are my first CG compliments & I'm so glad. (I admit I was starting to get a little discouraged...)Thanks to everyone for all the amazing guidance!
My favorite compliment came from a fellow curly girl. I would be hypnotized looking at her gorgeous 3a/3b blond curls in class. One day she saw me on a day on which I was rocking my big head of curls and told me I had beautiful hair. I was so chuffed that she of the perfect curls thought that about little old me!
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happy international curly day!

check out naturally curly's celebratory video:

I was at the mall today with my boyfriend and trying this overcoat by a mirror. This girl with straight brown hair walk up to me and says "you have really pretty hair"...I was so thrown off! It was really nice to hear that. I love my hair more and more now since its getting long, and I think others notice too!
In April I went to India to visit my family, and on the flight from Bombay an air hostess came up to me and said I had lovely curls and that she was so jealous because she had stick straight hair naturally. I was pretty happy, especially since everyone in India seems to be obsessed with straight hair.
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PW : curlygirl
It's been a good compliment week.

Saturday, the lady behind the Customer Service desk in Euston Station (London) asked if I were a natural curly and how lovely my hair is (woo hoo). She had lovely twists.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a closet curly (the meeting was about work stuff, not curls lol) and afterwards she said she's had a look at this site, that everything makes perfect sense and having seen my gorgeous - yes, gorgeous - curls again she's going for it!
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Someone said my hair looked nicer then the blond, fine knee-lenght hair of a high school student from my school. She said mine was much thicker and beautiful curly.

It's really funny I only get compliments when my hair is curly I'm happy though cause it takes me forever to straighten my hair:P
I've gotten the, "Your hair is so pretty," or "I'm so jealous," compliments before, but the best one I ever got by far was from a student (I teach high school history). I didn't realize this girl had curly hair at all until a few weeks into the school year because she always wore it in tight braids. When she finally came in with it down it was beautiful and I told her so. She thanked me, then she said, "I started wearing my hair down and curly because I want to be proud of my hair like you are." I wanted to hug her.
- Lisa

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Still searching for my dream gel/styler.

I blog about knitting, my hair, and life here:
My hair has been weird lately, dry and tangly and unhappy. I'm pretty sure it's hormone related (thyroid or others) and am getting things checked out next week. Plus I just had surgery a couple days ago and haven't looked my best.

But I went to a political dinner last night and the Governor (Rendell of PA) came up to me and said "I really like your hair".
And I handled the compliment with my usual calm and wit. I said "Thanks", giggled like a 12 year old girl, blushed, shook his hand too hard, and couldn't think of anything else to say.
But it was nice to get a compliment when I wasn't feeling quite up to par.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since 2-2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
Went to the state fair today and had two people comment on my curls

My roomate and I were walking through the baby animal zoo (SO cute) and apparently someone behind me said something to the effect of "OOooh, look how pretty her hair is. I wish my hair did that." I didn't hear her, but my roommate told me after. She said she wanted to tell the girl "Yeah, but if you knew all the trouble she goes through for it, you'd run the other way."

lol, oops. :P

And then we were in this L'oreal booth, full of make up, hair care, dyes, etc and one of the employees gushed over my curls. Had to tell them how much I love the melting gel and LOOB :P

Makes me feel happy to have compliments from strangers. Really the first ones I've ever gotten, anything else has always come from friends/family.
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Most meaningful to me is a young girl (4) whose mother didn't know how to care for her hair, but with help it's now shiny and healthy. Now she'll proudly make comments about her hair and how she loves it, and thinks it looks just like mine.

I also love the comments I get at work from women in business suits. When someone who is older than I am and works in business (they have to dress up more and more formally/conservatively than we/engineers) comments on loving my hair. Sometimes when I'm in a break area or cafeteria near them, I cringe thinking how unruly my hair looks in comparison to their hairdos, but they almost always compliment it. Very nice!
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