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i have been reading alot of posts here and see its mostly rants about how people have made fun of your hair or something. im not saying thats bad or anything because i have done the same thing lol. well anyway i want yall to post all the compliments anyone has ever told you no matter how small i want to read them. to strart off i will tell yall mines

i have friend shes like my fake sister at school and she keeps telling me sha wants my hair and she wishes she has my hair and all i tell her is your hair is prodably just like mine just dont brush it and dont shampoo. but she doesnt listen so i dont try to sway her to my type of hair thinking anymore lol. thens theres agirl in my homeroom that does nothing but give me compliments wrapped in insults like she says morgan you have such pretty hair why dont you do somethin with it. all i tell her is why dont you come to my house atr 5 o clcok in the morning and just have a great day doin my hair so you and everyone else in the world can say i look decent or whatever.

but there was a time i was at my friends confermation ( shes catholic) and we were in the bathroom and some of my other friends told me that morgan you have such pretty hair they also said you know most people cant rock curly hair and you can so you should put your hair down more often that comment just made my day lol

also one time on the bus this upper classmen told me i had really pretty hair and i felt really good about that lol

people also say you have such good hair which i dont truly understand why is my hair good and your hair bad bacause i didnt know hair could commit sins lol

anyway i gave you a few of my complements now yall tell me some of yours
i think i may have found my HG. Its suave firm control gel the biloge not off and john fridia curls and swirls i am sooooooooooo happy my search is over
I have one lady at work who loves my hair and asked me just the other day for all of the types of products I use and where I get them. I even brought her in samples of Jessicurl HCC, Too Shea and Deva One C. She makes some small (postive) comment about my hair at least 3 times a week.

Alot of my co-workers love my hair and they're always like not only do you have alot of hair but it's so healthy and soft too. They inspect it for split ends and don't find them and that impresses them.

Also, I saw a fellow curly that I hadn't seen in about 4 years a little while back and the first thing she said to me "OMG, your hair looks awesome, it looks so healthy!!" She wanted to know what I was using, etc. I was happy to write down the address for her.
2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
My favorite compliment is happened recently, after I started CG.
Before this, I was a straightener, b/c my hair is wavy and I never knew what to do with it.
But, I was often lazy so my hair would look sleek and straight and shiny on rarer occasions, or frizzy, poufy, and flyaway most days! My husband would ask me before we were to go out on these poufy days, "Are you going to brush your hair or anything?"

But, I have the happy news that EVERY day since CG he has commented on how pretty my hair looks! He loves the curls that have come out of the woodwork, and I love not feeling UNkempt!
<3 Lorissa
2b and a half !
you are so sweet! Thanks for keeping us all thinking positively! I am a thin, fine wavy who didn't realize I was wavy until I turned 30 and decided to grow my hair to shoulder length. I have alternated between wearing it straight and wavy for 10 years! I never was happy with my "wimpy" waves- I wanted more! I started the wavy CG routine 4 weeks ago. I am still experimenting, but I have more waves than ever! Last week, 2 ladies at my church asked me if I had gotten a perm! (LOL)
THe one woman said," who curls your hair?" I said, " God!" Several people tell me how cute it looks. thanks for letting me share!
Keep your sweetness and + outlook!

2A very thin, very fine--think baby hair
omg thank you for the complement barelyacurl i really didnt think of my thread that way but now i do and i am glad i am keepin yall positive

i think i may have found my HG. Its suave firm control gel the biloge not off and john fridia curls and swirls i am sooooooooooo happy my search is over
I went to the Ouidad salon in nyc last weekend and finally had my hair cut. Before that, I usually pulled my hair up in a pony tail and would just add a bit of curl definer gel or mouse. Since I got my hair cut.. the compliments just keep coming. I almost dont know how to react lol

The first time I washed my hair after the cut and styled it. It came out horrible (or so I thought) I was so depressed about the cut and not being able to style(they made it look so easy in the salon!). I wash my hair at night and in the morning, it was a freezy mess. I sprayed my hair with water, added a bit gel, made it semi presentible. When I got into the office the next morning everyone loved my hair I was amazed. The second day after washing, I was walking into the building and even the security guard complimented me! Then Yesterday I washed my hair again, finally styled it correctly, and in the morning I had perfectly defined curly. My coworkers were talking about my hair 10 min after I came in! LOL

I'm just shocked.. lol I love my hair now. I have NEVER loved my hair before. But for so many people to comment on how good it looks now even when I knew I didnt style it correctly. I'm amazed lol
Two different people at work keep telling me they want hair just like mine. One got a perm, poor soul, and it was a disaster. They layered her hair much too short and it looked bad. She relaxed it herself because the salon wouldn't do it. I try not to feel responsible!
The majority of people I have dealt with have complimented me on my hair. I've gotten a lot of " I love your hair!" " I wish I had your hair" My uncle even told me to my pleasure that "people spend a lot of money to get curls like that". It makes me feel happier about my hair.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
Everytime my cousin sees me she says "I love your hair, I wish I had hair like yours, can I touch it?".

I can test if a product works well - it's called the 'can people touch it' test.

If someone touches my hair, and I totally bug out, then I'm obviously not using a good product, and it had to be shallacked into shape.

However, if someone touches my hair, and I let them, it's b/c I know it won't mess up.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
I Have had more compliments since I let my hair go curly. One of the nicest ones I received was from my cousin's wife. She was a newly wed and said,"Gosh I hope my kids inherit the beautiful hair you and the other girls have in this family."
My husband said that what attracted him to me first was my hair, and that he's got a thing for women with curly, dark hair.
As a child, I got a lot of compliments from adults. That was nice, but I wanted people my own age to admire my hair. Instead, I was called 'bushy', 'birds nest', asked if I'd put my fingers in an electric socket etc.

As a teenager, there was one girl at school who loved my hair, even though it was a frizz ball. At work, there was one person there who said how much she wanted my hair every time I worked with her. I also remember a conversation at school about doing hair for special occasions. One girl said that my hair would look better than anyone's.

Now I've got my hair under control, I'm getting more compliments and I can accept them more as I can see more so why people might like my hair. My sister's friends are jealous of it and they all want curls and waves like mine. At work, I get compliments on the thickness and prettiness of it from colleagues. I've had a few compliments from customers too, which is nice. One said, 'Is your hair naturally curly?' I said 'yes'. She said, 'It's beautiful'.
I have always hated my hair (until I found, that is!), but I have always gotten compliments. Friends, co-workers, strangers, husbands, and boyfriends have all loved my hair and complimented it.
My favorite compliment came about a month after I gave up shampoo. I went to dinner with my parents and my father said "What did you do to your hair? It is so curly and beautiful". In my 48 years, my father never ever made any sort of comment about my hair, so that compliment is special.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since 2-2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
About 3 weeks ago, I wore my hair down and curly for the first time at a family function. Before saying hi, my sorta cousin whom I only met last year told me my hair looked cool.

Today, my mother asked me what I put in my hair because it looked better. 3 weeks ago, she made a verbal sign of disgust when I wore my hair down and asked me why I was wearing it "like that." She has always fought my curly hair and she can't stand for me or my female cousins to wear our hair down, so for her to say that it looked better was basically like her saying it looked nice/presentable.

Though I still struggle with liking my hair some days, I've always felt it was a unique part of me, and that is in large part because of my mom. Here's why:

When I was 11 and going through puberty, my hair was wild, like a lion's mane, and down to my waist. I was forever brushing out the curl and tangles, but it had never occurred to me that my hair was naturally curly--I just thought it curled up after my shower because that's what everyone's hair did. Every day I brushed it out to prevent frizz, but it always fuzzy and hideous. One day my mom suggested I cut off about 6 inches, scrunch my hair, and put gel in it because she thought the natural curl I had as a toddler would come out. So my mom cut my hair and helped me style it and viola! I had curl. Actually, first it was just wavy, but the more I scrunched it and let it do its thing, the more curl I got. My mom always told me beautiful it was, how lucky I was to have it (I have three sisters, all with straight hair), and how my hair reflected my creative and unique personality. I think I've straightened my hair only 5 times since that day!

So..basically I shouldn't have any hair issues at all, but I am still human so I have issues!
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I was in Starbucks this morning and two older gentlemen (45-50ish) were behind me in line. They were just chatting along and I turned around to see what they looked like. When I did they smiled and said they were just admiring my hair. They asked if it were natural and I told them it was.

It makes me mad sometimes that the only compliments I get on my hair come from OLDER people. I guess the younger crowd all want the stick straight look.
What a great thread! Between using henna and going CG, I've gotten more compliments the last two months on my hair than the last ten years. My favorite was when a co-worker said she wished her perms had come out as well as mine and then looked really surprised when I said it was natural. She was very sweet however, and said she'd wished all her life for hair like mine!
2b/c-3a, bright red (thanks to henna!)
modified wavy CG routine (Shampoo twice a week instead of once)
So, my aunt who two months ago said, "This is the first time I've seen you with your hair down in a long time. . . . I don't like it. Too curly or something," asked me a few days ago how I got my hair to "look like that." I said it grew out that way; I just had to fix it right. She said, "Oh, I thought maybe you used a curling iron or something to get it so uniform." I told her she was crazy to think I would spend that much time trying to get my hair to look like it does.

Well, tonight, I was returning something at Dillard's and near the end of the transaction, the sales lady (who was probably in her 60s) said, "I love your hair. How long does it take you to do it?" I said, "I just wash it . . ." And she jumped in, "You mean it's natural? You're so lucky! My hair grows out so straight. . . . It's really pretty." I told her even my aunt asked me if I used a curling iron on my hair, so no worries.

My mother also now likes to touch my hair (to my horror) and ask me what I put in it (for some unknown reason).

So, I guess having my hair look "done" is a step up from people thinking it's an uncontrolled mess or an embarrassment.

And my anti-curl family is embracing the curl.
Yesterday my friend said "what did you do to your hair it looks gorgeous"
I said new procedure....I've changed my product mixes...And I'm using honey...
3A/3B (not really sure)/No Shampoo/Conditioner Only/Honey/Aussie Volumizer+condish/Biolage Gel/Plop/Diffuse/Spritz of Bed Head Maxxed Out
Password: CurlEEEE
It's such a nice feeling to get compliments... especially about my hair. My wonderful, natural hair. *tries to hug it* *<-- doesn't work*

Anyway, today, I decided to try something a little different with my routine today:

After washing out my normal conditioner (upside down... this was a first time, worked great), I soaked my hair in a bit of VERY cold water for like 10 seconds, and then turned it off... (it made my hair feel so funny! and cold.) I then took a dallop (heh heh) of the same conditioner, and sort of scrunched it through my hair, and then went on with my normal routine... except, I did the whole "twist around the finger" thing on some of the curls.

Anyway, on to my origional motive. I was getting ready to leave for cheerleading practice, and my sister walked in the door, and starting ooing and awwing over my hair, and playing with it and stuff, because it looked "so cute". So I then left, got over to practice (after my hair being whipped around by the wind, it still looked good, I guess). I got there, and one after another the girls said to me "sarah, no way, did you get your hair cut? It looks so gorgeous! Did a hairdresser do this?" and "sarah, I've never seen such perfect ringlets! Is that natural?" and "sarah, I never knew that you had this curly of hair... you always keep it up, you should leave it down more often!" and stuff like that, and I seriously counted like 10 or 11 people who said stuff like that. Finally, people are starting to appreciate my hair. (other than you guys, of course!)

It was such nice feeling... of course, I won't become ego-tistical over this or anything.

*plans to style her hair like this everyday*


P.S. Sorry 'bout that being a long post... I tend to go overboard, and ramble sometimes.

"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.” - Tina Fey

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