Seriously- Why don't men like Curly hair?

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I'm blessed to be with a guy who prefers my natural curls/coils. When I was considering going natural he was one of the peeps who encouraged me to go ahead and do it and said I'd still be beautiful natural or not. After I finally chopped my hair off he loved it and compliments me all the time. Before I went natural there was also another gentleman that I met who comes into the store I work in all the time. We got on the topic of natural hair one day and I was telling him how I was scared to chop my hair off and he said he didn't know y because I was so pretty that it wouldn't change anything. Then he started telling me about his fiance's hair journey and showed me some of the pics during her transformation and her hair is soooooo beautiful now so that made me want to go natural even more. Other than that I get compliments from a lot of other guys when I'm out and about running errands or hanging out with friends. I've only had one guy say he doesn't like natural hair, but he doesn't matter so it didn't bother me lol
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i rarely get compliments from men when my hair isn't straightened. luckily it doesn't bother me, because my partner likes my hair no matter what it's like.
They don't? In my personal experience, my curly hair is what got me attention and was part of what attracted men to me. I get complimented daily and my boyfriend is in love with it. He's always loved curly hair, but every girl he knew straightened it or had straight hair to begin with. So I never really knew guys didn't like curly hair. But race wise, I do notice the men who are more open and like curly hair are ethnic. Black, hispanic, exotic in some way. White men tend to lend towards straight more. That's only in my observance. I've met white men who liked my hair. Not all are anti curly. But majority make their opinions vocal.
My man likes my curls because he knows how much I love them. He has asked me to straighten my hair every once in a while, but it's not something thats a big deal in our relationship.
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They don't? My experience has been quite the opposite. My husband ADORES my curls. Every time I've gotten frustrated and talked about wearing it straight again, he's the one who talks me out of it!
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A major salute to guys who love our curls!
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Men and boys my age avoid me like the plague so I wouldn't really know.

But I was at the mall a few weeks ago and one of those men selling straighteners stopped me to ask me about straightening my hair. I just told him, "Nah, I'm keeping it natural." And then some other man who was standing next to me smiled at me and was like, "Right?!" And we kinda just laughed together leaving the other dude confused.

I don't know why I'm sharing this story with ya'll...

I'm never using chemicals on my hair again.

Men and boys my age avoid me like the plague so I wouldn't really know.

But I was at the mall a few weeks ago and one of those men selling straighteners stopped me to ask me about straightening my hair. I just told him, "Nah, I'm keeping it natural." And then some other man who was standing next to me smiled at me and was like, "Right?!" And we kinda just laughed together leaving the other dude confused.

I don't know why I'm sharing this story with ya'll...

Originally Posted by dummeeule
It's a good story! Public support for natural curls from a stranger!

But I'm in the camp anyway who rarely has experienced curly-haters, but clearly they're out there and we're way underrepresented in Hollywood. So I guess I'm lucky that my experience has been the opposite-- men and women comment on how much they love my hair regularly. All of my boyfriends have adored it, even more when (to me) it's frizzy, for some reason.

Another random note: I saw a foreign film recently (Italian) and there was a noticeably larger amount of curls and waves in the actors, in the extras, everywhere. (Way more natural looking makeup, eyebrows, etc. too.) I think it's more an American tendency towards looking plastic, the same as everyone else-- straighten, straighten, straighten, must be blond, overly-arched, drawn on eyebrows, fake lips, fake tans, etc.... No offense to people into those looks. But, I'm happy looking like the best me I can, I don't want to look like somebody else.
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Men and boys my age avoid me like the plague so I wouldn't really know.

But I was at the mall a few weeks ago and one of those men selling straighteners stopped me to ask me about straightening my hair. I just told him, "Nah, I'm keeping it natural." And then some other man who was standing next to me smiled at me and was like, "Right?!" And we kinda just laughed together leaving the other dude confused.

I don't know why I'm sharing this story with ya'll...

Originally Posted by dummeeule
I apologize in advance for being vulgar, but when I read or talk about hair straighteners I always end my sentences with f-them!!!!!
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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The man in my life loves my curls. And I never had complaints from past loves, either. In fact, some of them seemed fascinated by my hair.

If anyone told me I look better with straightened hair, or that I should straighten it, they'd be sorry!
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Every guy I've ever been with loves my seems men like BIG CURLY THICK hair more than women.

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I met my boyfriend with straight hair. The next day, I woke up and rinsed my hair out to wear a big curly afro. I don't get any complaints. He has never asked me to flatiron either. He just likes that I keep it long and had a butt-hurt when I cut it.

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I really didn't think much about this until today. I straightened my hair today and I had two guys tell me they thought my hair was pretty (and I don't remember a time either of them have really said anything about my curly hair) and when the first guy said it, it caught me off guard so I stuttered out a thanks and walked away. Then the other guy came up and he said he didn't even recognize me. I replied "oh is it the straight hair" and he said" yeah, it looks really good" and I couldn't help myself I told him "Oh so you don't think it looks good curly?" (I was joking) He turned red and started stuttering. I just laughed as he walked away. It didn't really bother me but it got me thinking. I don't really get comments on my curly hair unless it's from older men (like the age of my grandpa) or girls. Hmmm do a lot of guys really not find curly hair that attractive? Makes you wonder......
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this is kinda OT but are you German?
In my experience, men my age don't notice my curly hair at all. It's as if their attention is diverted from it. Even my brothers forget that my hair is curly somehow. The once in a blue moon that I straighten it, I get a lot of comments like, "I never see you with your hair down!", (but, I nearly always wear it down). One time, someone said, "You look so different without your glasses!!" (I don't wear glasses). Understandably, some guys won't notice what is different about me, but it's a bummer that my straight hair registers in their brain someplace as a dramatic improvement or enough to notice me when they never paid any attention to me before.
However, like was mentioned above, older men and ethnic men fawn over my curly hair.
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OH, oh, here is my take: BOYS (of all ages) may have issues with curly hair. A real man (of any age) knows that it is the person who matters. If (when I was single) any man had made negative comments about my hair, he would have been gone. But, I have worn my hair long and wavy or curly since I got divorced 10 years ago, and in those years, I have not received a single critical comment. I HAVE gotten many compliments.
Who cares what the guys that don't like curly hair think. We love our curls so we don't need anyone else's opinion. Unless their opinion is a compliment.
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I Love my curls, and yours!

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Sometimes when I lie awake at night I ask.
"Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says.
"This is going to take all night."

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Why are you going out with men that don't like a physical aspect of you? How long into the relationship do they let you know that they don't like your hair?

Tell them to sod off.
Originally Posted by curlylaura
I'm wondering that too, especially if he met you as a curly. If I were you, I'd confront him about it.

As for why men don't like curly hair, I can't really answer that. All the men I know either like curly hair or they just don't have a preference. My husband likes my curls, he thinks it fun to pull the individual curls and watch them spring back, lol.
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Sadly and on behalf of my personal experience, the only thing I can do is agree with the question of: "Why don't men like Curly hair"
I have had the most hatred and horrific experiences based on my hair being curly, ever since I was a child till this day.
When I was little most of the girls at my church had that thick straight hair that does nothing else, and all the boys liked those girls obviously, and often mocked my long curly locks.
As a teenager, things weren't much better, every guy asked me the following questions: " Have you ever worn your hair straight?, "Can you get your hair straight?" "Don't you think you'd look better with your hair STRAIGHT?"
Recently I was dating a guy who met me with my hair straight by coincidence, but he did know that my hair was curly and often saw it that way... and I had never known someone so hateful and abusive towards curly hair, he just hated it, he often commented that I HAD to keep it straight and that it was so RARE that he was attracted to me because he hated curly hair and usually liked Hispanic girls with straight hair?(whatever that means)
He always said that guys only like straight hair, and that no guy would ever accept me with my hair curly. Needless to say his eyelashes melted off after I was finished replying and he's no where to be found in my picture. Now was he right about guys not accepting me with curly hair? I have no idea if that is true or not, and I'd like to give men a lot more credit than to think they are stupid enough to like or dislike someone based on their hair texture, but sadly I have yet to meet guys who like my hair curly. If you know any, I'd LOVE to interview them for my blog. Seriously. There She Goes

And for those out there saying that Ethnic men love their hair? I have no idea what you are talking about because the worst insults I've received on my hair have been from Hispanic guys and or African American guys who have advised me to relax my hair like their mom's do.

I have gotten tons of compliments from straight haired European girls and also older European men... guess I should go there and stay forever, maybe I'll find a European guy who DOES like curly hair.

For laughs... please check out this video, I've heard every single one of these comments regarding my hair.

**** straight haired girls say to curly haired girls - YouTube
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I actually receive more attention and get more compliments from men since I big chopped on 7/24/12 than I did with a relaxer. :-)

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