Seriously- Why don't men like Curly hair?

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In my experience guys love long curly hair. I think short curly hair they might not enjoy so much. I think long hair in general is more desired. That stated, I anyone I was dating had the audacity to tell me I should change for them, I say "you know where the door is."
ever watch that millionair match maker show? where they pic girls and interview them? well, one of them had beautiful curly hair! and the match maker told her that when she comes to the date the next night she needed to have her hair straight!! im sorry... but we are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY hotter than straight headed ppl!! when my husband and i go out, i blow my hair out with a dryer right before its almost dry.. and make it as BIG as i can. flaunt it girl!!!!
If some guy doesn't like your curls, dump him! I was taught not to like my curls - my mom hated them and I was always harassed at school about them (a lot of you probably know exactly what I mean, especially if you grew up in the '70's) but then I met my husband and he realized how I felt and how I had been mind-f**ked for all those years, and he started a campaign to teach me, on a day to day basis, how truly beautiful my naturally curly hair is. He still tells me, almost everyday, how much he LOVES my hair and how beautiful it is, how he feels sorry for all those poor girls with nothing but straight hair. He puts his fingers in my hair and they get stuck and he loves that and kisses my head. And now, because of him, I love my hair and am genuinely proud of it. God bless him!!
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I could definately be with a guy who doesn't like my hair. So what? My current boyfriend doesnt like my hair straight while I do, he likes it curly. I dont like his current haircut, but so what. it makes him happy so I accept it. I don't need any guy's approval anyway, including my boyfriend's on my hair. he is entitled his own opinion and just because he thinks my hair is lame doesnt mean I should go cry a river and dump him.
Originally Posted by N.D. Aube
It's not about what your BF likes or doesn't like - it's about whether or not he's so bad-mannered as to express his opinion to you. Yes, it IS necessary to keep ones opinions to oneself if they are going to hurt another person. There are always going to be things you don't like about someone, or they don't like about you. But your hair isn't about HIM, it's about you. So he should have the maturity to keep his mouth shut.
i'm a 20 year old guy, and like I posted in another thread...the girl in this video is SO gorgeous to me...and the curls are a huge part of it....a lil exotic. Now i'm not married, and I'm still single...but curly hair isn't considered a "liability" for me. I do understand what you are saying though; some guys prefer straight hair because curly hair can tend to exude a sense of independence...which is sometimes intimidating for some dudes. But i don't think it's as bad as you think as a lot of guys like some curls
My 2 cents.

If done right, curls are very sexy.
Originally Posted by thebaydestrian
Guys view curly hair as more independent? Interesting.

I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I pretty much agree with everyone else. If he doesn't like you for you, then it's time to go. I would suggest talking to him first before you just up and leave.

The whole independent thing caught my eye because I have heard this quite a few times. I guess it plays into that whole control thing. Some guys want to control their women. There are still some men who won't have anything to do with a woman, not just because of the way she looks, but because she might just be a little better than him. Men are all about their egos. If they see a woman who is doing her own thing, they get intimidated. Some men want a woman that is easy to control sort of speak. I guess if a man sees a woman with curly hair, or doing a style that is against what is popular at the moment, they take her as independent.

There's nothing wrong with being independent, though. It just means you are able to think for yourself. If I were you, I would talk to your boyfriend about how damaging straightening your hair can be. Ask him if he wants you to end up with broken off unhealthy hair because he wants you to have straight hair. That should change his mind.

I'm glad that I have a boyfriend who loves my 4a hair. I just took some straight weave out of my head and he begged me not to put it back on, lol.
Originally Posted by Shooting Star
very well said
My husband says as long as I'm happy, he's happy, Bless him! LOL
My experience with men is they either love it or hate - not much in-between I recall one shallow guy, I didn't bother getting to know, didn't like it because he couldn't run his fingers straight through it like silk in the way he always imagined he could from watching Pantene commercials - lol! My husband loves my hair but he wishes it was more get up and go! (so do I).
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It has been my experience that when I embraced my curls, and truly loved them, and was actually confident with my hair - EVERYONE stopped making comments, friends, boyfriends, and yup - family.

It was like my shield of confidence stopped them from even saying anything. And those that dared? I didn't give them the time of day - when someone tried I just ignored it and if necessary avoided that person for a while.

As soon as my curls became my signature/trademark look and straightening became something I wanted to do for FUN, people accepted it. In fact, now when I straighten my hair (the last time was three years ago...) people say "Oh, I loved your curls! Why did you straighten it? It looks nice, but curls are just you!"

You have to make it yours, and anyone who has a problem with that has a problem with you, which is their problem - not yours, or your hair's.

Love your curls!

My husband absolutely loves my hair, he thinks it is sexy and he can touch it and run his hands in it, he has learned how to work with my curls too - LOL!

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The thing is, men that are confident in their role in a relationship can LOVE curly hair. I really believe that some (read: outdated) men like straight hair because they feel that they can control it, curly haired women seem more natural or wild (neither of which are bad things) and are then harder to control. In this day and age women shouldn't need to be controlled in any aspect of their life. I embrace my curls whole heartedly even though the majority people I see either straighten their hair or have naturally straight hair. I don't think a hair style should be attributed to a personality trait, since that is like saying "all blonds are dumb", but we as humans just LOVE to generalize and categorize. Back to my original point, men who don't feel the need to have control in their relationships or are okay with not having the typical steamy make out session where a man grabs the woman's head and runs his hand through the silky locks then there should never be a problem. My boyfriend loves my curly hair, I wore it straight once for fun and he thought it was nice, but preferred my curly hair. I wear contacts too, but he likes me better with my glasses. I think everyone should strive to be with someone who accepts them perfectly as they are.
Though, you can't have someone love you if you don't really love yourself, so maybe that should be the first step ...
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happy international curly day!

check out naturally curly's celebratory video:

I dont understand that either... And I think it is annoying, if they tell you they dont like your curly hair... I mean I was straightening my hair for a whole while, cause I thought guys really hate curly hair. The result was not different and i was just destroying my hair and was spending 20 minutes in the morning to straighten it. Honestly i dont care anymore, I mean if someone cant stand my curly hair.... THey kinda need to deal with it. I mean I like my curly hair. Deal. =)
Why are you going out with men that don't like a physical aspect of you? How long into the relationship do they let you know that they don't like your hair?

Tell them to sod off.
Rofl, this. Personally, if a guy wasn't accepting of a part of me, whether it be something on my head or in my heart, then he probably wouldn't be the one for me, and I wouldn't waste time with him.

But don't take any notice of what they say. As long as you love your hair, that's all that matters. Your current bf sounds like he's just playing with you, but hearing stuff like that constantly can wear away at you :S
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Honestly. All of my family members like women with curly hair. Probably because their hair is curly themselves so they can't judge. However. I must say that men outside my family has criticized me for my curly hair. But my family adores and embraces it! I don't get those 2nd looks when my hair is curly and that's just fine. But when I had a sew in I was getting double takes and winks from random men. And that frustrated me! After 3 weeks in the sew in I took it out because it was no longer a representation of who I am. Honesty though, I don't want a man that doesn't want to date me bcuz of my hair. I'd rather be single than be criticized constantly for my curls!
In my experience guys love long curly hair. I think short curly hair they might not enjoy so much. I think long hair in general is more desired. That stated, I anyone I was dating had the audacity to tell me I should change for them, I say "you know where the door is."
Originally Posted by liron
Well i know for me before i BC'd my bf was very worried I'd have a fro(i mean i do but he thought more tight small curls idk) But when i finally did do it. I have more wavy curly hair.3b/3cish so my hair looks curly to him i guess guys are weird) but i showed him some of my curly hair role models and those with my curl type and he's actually excited to see it a longer. But he did give me a whole if you had a super huge nappy fro idk if i'd be that attracted to your hair. I think most guys have a stereotype of curly girls like wild curls and such and unruly and. I think as he sees it's soft manageable cute tinsy bit wild curls they adjust.

It's a mindset?

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I was straightening my hair when I met my husband and have only started going CG in the past year. He always told me he liked it after I straightened it, but I assumed that was because it wasn't a giant poof and I had chosen to "do" something with it. When I went curly, he acknowledged (and continues to) every time my hair looked better and better as I tried out techniques and products, but it was only when I asked him directly that he told me he PREFERS my hair straight.

That being said, he has NEVER asked me to straighten it, NEVER casually mentioned it, NEVER even talks about my hair except to tell me that it looks like I'm having a good hair day. As long as he continues to love me and find me attractive, I don't care.

I actually prefer his hair longer, and have told him so, but continue to cut it short like HE likes, so I feel we're even. Good luck!
My husband actually prefers my curly hair. I would date a man who had such a negative opinion of my hair. Most guys I've dated have always complimented and loved my curly hair

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everytime I wore my hair curly his eyes would light up
Originally Posted by Artemida
This makes me "awww."

I had a boyfriend who told me he didn't curly hair except on me. Looking back I'm pretty sure he lied so he wouldn't hurt my feelings, but he was pretty convincing at the time.
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My girlfriend has super naturally straight naturally blonde hair, I love it when she styles it curly (she can make it curly/wavy without heat). I love it straight too though.
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Well personally the guys I've met seem to really like my hair! They think it's super cute (well, my curls are much more dollie like than crazy tiny twists, but that has a very exotic and beautiful appeal all it's own), although I have to admit before I got bangs (which i straighten) people seemed to think i'd look much better with straight hair (I do not- my hair is much too thin to pull that off!), but in general I haven't met a guy who specifically disliked curly hair.
There are men who like curly hair. I've always found it odd for people to have preferences in how people look. Sure you find certain features attractive but it being a deal breaker is extreme.

If a man doesn't like you for your curly hair, he isn't worth the trouble.

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