Stop Touching My Hair!!!!!

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I don't think I've ever had an issue with anyone touching my hair without asking first since one friend in high school who liked to boing my curls (she was the only other curly I knew). Then again, I think it has a lot to do with the way we carry ourselves and the attitude we project. Until a few days ago, my hair was too long to wear down most of the time, especially at my job, so it was always pulled back. Plus, I work mostly with young guys and engineers, and I am accustomed to having to throw my no-nonsense glare around, so that might be a big part of it.
3b or 3c, med porosity, high density, coarse, mid-back length

2x week wash: Baking soda + honey cleanser, Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner leave-in, coconut oil, Organix Coconut Milk Weightless Styling Mousse, Dep Sport Gel (Marathon Hold)

2x week 2nd day: Shea Moisture Curl & Style Hair Milk (on wet hair)

biweekly super-diluted white vinegar rinse
That's so rude! I would never touch someone's hair without asking them first -_-
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the other day some little girl just came up to me(I was sitting down) and started tugging at my hair. Lol it was pretty cute tgiugh
Once when I had my hair blown out this girl came up to me and touched my hair and said " It's like cotton candy."
I get people doing it all the time. Doesn't bother me. It is people I usually know, however. I have never had a stranger touch my hair. They don't try to comb through it or anything. They just like to "boing" my curls.

It doesn't frizz after it's been touched, (when it is COMPLETELY dry) in fact, it gets a tad more volume! My fine hair loves to be tousled.
I have a couple of people who, almost whenever I wear my hair down, just go right for it and scrunch it up and pull at curls and such! They call it adorable, too, so I generally don't mind too much :P it can get irritating, though, when they begin pulling at curls to see what they'd look like straight but yeah, it is pretty amusing when people are so fascinated by your hair! And flattering when it's in a positive way!
3A & 3B

Perhaps we could have a button that we wear with our pointer finger on it with the saying, "No one messes with these tresses! Please don't touch without this curly's permission". I believe this could work with the take no prisoners approach
Originally Posted by MissTiss
Problem with this theory is that you would have people who would "know they shouldn't touch but just can't help themselves". I see it regularly with the service dogs I raise (I know I shouldn't pet him, while rubbing my dog like crazy) thankfully my hair is usually left alone, unless I'm at work directly after a shower and haven't pulled my hair up yet.
I tend to leave other people alone, since I know how annoying it can be, though when people come to see me, they usually don't mind having.a little bit messier hair when done (massage therapist) I definitely avoide raking my hands through the length of their hair out of courtesy.

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