Stop Touching My Hair!!!!!

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My mother is the #1 culprit of this but she's my mother and I have too much respect for her to say anything. She's always been supportive of my curls and hated when I straightened it. I hate hate hate when people ask if it's natural. WTF!? I usually tell them no it's not natural, I'm really a brunette. The confused look on their face is usually priceless.
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Usually it's just friends and family and it used to happen way more when i was younger... when i was younger i'd be scared for people to touch it because used so much grease lol... i once had a friend run up to me after i had taken my hair out of a bun and it was a huge dry stringy thick mess almost butt length tell me "it looks like your hair stinks" and me roll my eyes and say yeah right you wish.. and she proceeded to grab it all and stick her face in it only to say no it doesn't stink it smells really good like flowers(i was using herbal essence lol) that by far was the weirdest touch i've had... one of the reasons why i recently stopped using gel is because my little brother can't keep his hands out of my hair.. ever time he touches it, it hurts like heck(because it hard and frozen in place)
My root curls are extremly soft compared to the rest of my hair and lots of people like touching them. They normally ask "May I touch your hair?" and I let them do so. As long as they don't go berserk on it and make it frizzy.

One of my closest friends (I have secretly been in love with him for 6 months though) always touches my hair and root curls, and it actually makes me so relaxed that I have fallen asleep in his arms that way.
He has curls too and as with me, everyone touches them. It's insane.
Ah, see -- I normally catch people (that I know and like, of course) looking at my curls and ask them if they would care to boing one. lol.

They always do.

But I've never had strangers touch my hair without permission. That is beyond weird.
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I still don't understand how this happens to any of you. I've never, ever had strangers reach out and start touching and pulling my hair. If anyone ever did that to me i'd karate chop their arm away from me. Lack of respect these days blows my mind.
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I totally feel where you are coming from. A lot of the people in my office like to put their hands in my hair. I don't get it. I half yelled at one girl and she hasn't done it since.

I hate it.
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i must be one of the exceptions because i love when the right people touch my hair. i only let certain people play in my hair and that includes strangers who just can't help themselves.
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I don't mind if someone (preferably a friend) just boings a curl. I take that as a compliment. But when people start like rubbing my hair and moving it around I get aggrivated. Because I'm not just going to be rude and yell at them for touching my hair because it's just their way of complimenting it, so I usually just sit there in agony & hope they don't mess it up...
I do have the problem with people touching my hair. I will be talking to someone and they might boing the little curls around my face. Also, it seems like they ALWAYS feel the need to touch my hair when it is wet. I go nuts. I yell don't touch or I'll frizz!
oh dear god, everyone touches my hair. i can be minding my own business in public, and some person i don't know will come up and start playing with my hair. it's extremely weird, and very awkward. who gave people the idea you can do that without asking?
I get the question..."is it yours?" first then they ask to touch it. I had a lady in Mexico just dig right in asking questions as she played in my hair. I just take it as a compliment LOL
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It used to bother me, but not so much anymore. I've had a few people (strangers) in the last couple months ask if they could touch my hair. Last night I saw somebody at my son's school....I knew when I ran into her that she would eventually touch my curls and she did. She does it because she loves them so much! Great compliment!
I had two women sitting behind me on the bus stroke my hair. Had I been feeling braver I probably would have turned around and sworn at them. Do some people not have a clue about personal space?
i hate this. every time it happens i feel like a damn dog. like really, who pets people?! why is that even normal. i honestly get it from white people, i've never had a black person who i didnt know just reach out and touch my hair. they always ask if its a perm (the curly kind) which i dont get at all. i mean i have white friends and they seem to know that black people have curly hair, so why do these people not know it sprouts out of my head like this? then they touch it (with out asking) and then in shock say how soft it is!!! what is it supposed to feel like? a brillo pad?!?!?

sorry, i mean no offense to anyone as i know this is just a small group of people who magicly find me and irritate me lol.

i will admit, i get this alot less now that i only flat iron once every 2-3months, but before i would wear my hair straight most of the year and come monsoon wear it curly (since it wouldnt stay straight anyway). so i can understand people who saw me on a reg with straight hair being confused. but total strangers who have only seen me the 1x would do this. freaks me out really.

god forbid i get pregnant, having all kinda blue haired old ladies touching my stomach... its a nightmare of mine lmao
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Yep, it's happened to me.It is annoying and you feel like telling them " Uh how would you feel if I just randomly touched your hair?" In my experience though there are some more considerate people who will ask before they touch your hair. I think the only reason they do it, though, is becuase our hair is so unique
When my friends touch my hair and sproing (?) my curls I feel so good about my self and that I was born with the gift of curls... but when I play with my cousin who is a child, he chucks pillows and food and blankets at my hair and messes with it, it's so annoying. Then I go look in the mirror and he absolutely killed my curl pattern GRRR! It's all frizzy and yuck but at least he scrunches out the crunch for me lol =]
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When i had really big kinky hair and fro's i used to have many situations like that .
For example im going into a club,and as im getting through the crowd i just feel hands touching my hair.
Sometimes when i met someone after the introduction and chit chat their hands end up touching my hair.
At some point i was flattered and i felt really good but after a while when i started to wear a bit shorter curly hairstyles and apply many products for defining and taming hair i would be totally pissed if someone touched my hair without aksing me .
Spending hours to make my hair look great and then someone has to mess it up and create frizz but touching it .
Thanx,but no thanx .
This thread always cracks me up. I was a teacher for 5 years and the kids (2nd grade to 7th grade) had to touch my hair...all the time. It was waist length then and just boinging the curls cracked them up. It never really bothered me except for that random long curl that has been boinged all day!

The funniest experience I had was when we took a group of 7th graders to Sardegna, Italy for two weeks. We were living with host families in a tiny town. Every morning, on our walk to the school, the old women would all touch my hair for good was really funny to me but I had to keep a serious face because I didn't want to disrespect their tradition. Besides, how fun is it to be a good luck charm and not cursed? Haha!

People also feel the need to randomly touch my arms. I am Middle Eastern and have always waxed my arms, which is common there, but most women in the States don't do this..Total strangers run a finger up and down my forearm...seriously, it's no different than a waxed leg!

But being Middle Eastern - and from the Mediterranean side - I grew up in a VERY touchy feely environment...lots and lots of hugging and kissing of friends and strangers alike.

So, I guess it doesn't really bother me that much...unless, of course, it's a creepy guy or someone with dirty hands!!
They do, and i can't stand it. If it's a friend and they ask me, then i'll try to let it slide, but if it's complete strangers at the mall, or kids i don't know in the hallways at my high school then it just gets on my last nerve. Especially if it gets all frizzy later in the day...
It's just so rude.
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I have never had a stranger touch my hair, but after a recent Beltane ritual, a friend "boinged" this perfect little sausage curl I have on the right side of my head. Two or three times.

I made some comment about my hair providing entertainment and let it go at that. OTOH, if I hadn't known her well, I probably would have sworn under my breath and pulled away.
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